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This page, a perpetually updated source for "last week's" email version of Apologia Report, is offered here free of charge giving you a taste of this valuable resource. Apologia Report summarizes and reviews hundreds of magazines, journals, and news publications to identify the most valuable resources to aid Christians as they encounter competing truth claims (mostly regarding cults and new religious movements) and seek to wisely respond. Apologia Report places summaries and source information in the hands of Christian leaders worldwide to enhance the impact of their ministries. Link to subscription information provided.
A.P.A. Promotes Policies Opening the Way to Same-Sex Marriage
The American Psychological Association is using its financial resources to promote policies that will open the way to same-sex marriage. A.P.A.'s Public Policy Office is working in concert with other advocacy groups to lobby in opposition to DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act).
Sue Bohlin
A woman's look at abortion from a biblical position. This essay explores the reason abortion is such an emotionally volatile subject, as well as biblical and medical reasons it is wrong, concluding with some personal stories dealing with handicaps.
Abortion Facts and Feelings
First Things, April 1994
No abstract available for this article
Abortion Facts and Feelings II: An Exchange
First Things, May 1994
No abstract available for this article
Abortion: The Issue That Won't Go Away
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Among the issues in today's world that are divisive and inflammatory, none is so great as the battle over abortion. It has increased over the years, and seems it will become even greater in the days ahead. Christians are divided over how to address the issue from a Biblical perspective.
About the Authors
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Adventure in Divine Submission
Mike Hawkins
Personal testimony of a man who contracted AIDS through homosexual activity, but who found much comfort and victory over homosexuality through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
ESC Valentine's
Collected snippets of advice on sex, dating and relationships.
Alcohol Facts
ESC Drinking
A collection of data on the effects of drinking on college campuses.
All Roads
ESC Comparative Religions
An Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions ad
The America We Seek: A Statement of Pro-Life Principle and Concern
First Things, May 1996
A group of authors, professors and organization leaders state their united concern in this document for America's unborn children. They describe the many problems with the current status of abortion on demand. They also address possible solutions to thi
American Psychology: The Political Science
Ray W. Johnson
Explores the American Psychology Associations political activities including ERA, unrestricted abortion (including abortion for children without parental notification and consent), sex and racial-ethnic discrimination, and homosexual politics.
Answering the Big Questions of Life
Sue Bohlin
The three major world views--theism, naturalism, and pantheism--have vastly different answers to some of life?s biggest questions: Why is there something rather than nothing? How do you explain human nature? What happens to a person at death? How do you determine right and wrong? How do you know that you know?
Are They the Same?
ESC Comparative Religions
An Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions ad
Are You Doing Four Years or Life?
ESC Real Life
Kevin Scoleri's pre-evangelistic article about college and Christian involvement.
Are You Mad?
ESC Black History
An Every Student's Choice--Black History ad
An Argument Against Abortion
Paul Cox
Germain Grisez, in Abortion: the Myths, the Realities, and the Arguments, defends a strategy which links moral personhood to membership in the human species. A look at Grisez's presentation will help focus the abortion debate on those fundamental issues whose resolution, or at least clarification, can provide the conceptual basis for a well thought through decision about the moral personhood of the unborn.
Arguments Against Abortion
Kerby Anderson
Biblical, medical, legal and philosophical arguments against abortion are offered.
Atrocities Not Fit to Print
First Things, November 1997
The persecution of Christians around the world has been given little attention in many major media outlets. Despite this fact, awareness of this issue continues to grow.
Attempts to Modify Sexual Orientation: A Review of Outcome Literature and Ethical Issues
A past president of the American Mental Health Counselors Association carefully reviews the professional literature on sexual orientation change. Is change possible, and are efforts to change appropriate? Dr. Warren Throckmorton believes the answer is ye
The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Corrected
First Things, October 1993
No abstract available for this article
Battleground: The Religious Right, Its Opponents, & the Struggle for Our Schools
First Things, January 1994
Book review of Battleground: The Religious Right, Its Opponents, & the Struggle for Our Schools.
Best Sex
ESC Valentine's
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Beyond Blind Faith
Paul E. Little
Is there a man in human history who claimed to be God and backed up those claims? Has any man ever conquered death and risen from the dead? This article looks at the claims and life of Jesus Christ. Who was he? What did he do?
Beyond the Culture Wars
First Things, August/September 1993
Full Title: "Beyond the Culture Wars: How Teaching the Conflicts Can Revitalize American Education"
The Bible Code
Rich Milne
How should thinking Christians respond to purported information embedded in the Bible?s original language? There is more to "The Bible Code" than first meets the eye.
The Biological Basis for Gender-Specific Behavior (Chapter 16)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Black History Home Page
Every Student's Choice
The main web page for the Every Student's Choice Black History campaign.
Blaming the Guns Again
Timothy Wheeler, M.D.
The author claims that, even before the body counts and other details were known in the Littleton, Colorado school shooting incident, media representatives were wrongly pointing fingers at the so-called "gun culture."
The Bones of Faith
Tom White
Feature story from The Voice of the Martyrs, which as been a voice for the persecuted church around the world for 30 years. Current situation in Bangladesh (July 1998).
Bought from the Slave Market
Monday Ministry Minute Tip
This ministry tip suggests a way to use the issue of slavery as an opportunity to talk to others about our redemption through Christ.
The Breakdown of Religious Knowledge
Todd Kappelman
What constitutes truth? The way we answer that question has greatly changed since the Middle Ages. This essay provides an overview of three areas in philosophical thought, with their impact on Western culture: premodernism (the belief that truth corresponds to reality), modernism (the belief that human reason is the only way to obtain truth), and postmodernism (the belief that there is no such thing as objective truth).
Campus Christianity
Dr. Ray Bohlin
A practical guide for the Christian student to prosper in the faith at college with four principles to last a lifetime.
Can Homosexuals Change?
Sue Bohlin
There is hope for those who don't want to be gay. Because homosexuality is a response to being wounded, there is hope for healing. This article examines paths
Can Public Schools Be Religiously Neutral?
Paul G. Kussrow and Loren Vannest
The Supreme Court ordered that all religious activities be removed from the public schools (Engel v. Vatale, l962) and in subsequent years strengthened its decision through further restrictions. Has the Court been able to remove religion from the public schools or has only certain types of traditional (God based) religion been removed while non-God religions fill the vacuum?
Can We Stem The Tide?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
The world appears to be reeling from one catastrophe after another. Each evening on the news there seems to be upheaval in one part of our country or another, and if not here then somewhere in the world. The news is constantly filled with problems and despair. What is going on, and can we stem the tide? Will 1995 be better or worse than 1994?
Cartoon 1
ESC Valentine's
A Tim Downs "Downstown" cartoon.
Cartoon 2
ESC Valentine
A Tim Downs "Downstown" cartoon.
Cartoon 3
ESC Valentine's
A Tim Downs "Downstown" cartoon.
Cartoon 4
ESC Valentine's
A Tim Downs "Downstown" cartoon.
The Case for Discrimination
First Things, April 1993
No abstract available for this article
Character Does Matter
The Real Issue, September/October 1998
Frederica Matthewes-Green explains why character is essential to good, as in good for the people, leadership. With examples from the past, Frederica illustrates the dangers of powerful, charismatic leadership without character.
Charity, Clarity, and Hope: The Controversy and the Cause of Christ (Chapter 26)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Christian Student Survival Conference
Helping Students Thrive in College
The Christian Faculty Forum of the University of Georgia sponsored a weekend "Christian Student Survival Conference: Helping Students Thrive in College" April 23 - 24, 1999. The conference was designed to show that a living relationship with Christ is an intellectually defensible commitment and to equip students to address challenges to faith they will receive in college. This is the complete lecture notes and reading materials from the conference.
Christmas in Sudan
First Things, May 1999
Saunders describes his personal visit to the persecuted Sudanese people and documents the daily human rights abuses perpetrated by the government.
The Church as Family: Why Male Leadership in the Family Requires Male Leadership in the Church (Chapter 13)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Clinically Based Thoughts About The Development Of Homosexuality
Johanna Krout Tabin, Ph.D.
The author shares her thoughts about how homosexuality develops.
Leadership University Special Focus
The news of Dolly, the sheep cloned in Britain, and the monkeys that were cloned in the U.S. have created great interest in the subject of cloning. Leadership University already had a number of articles on cloning. Our search engine would provide a number of interesting articles. In order to simplify your research, we have organized these articles into this page.
College Right-to-Life Handbook
Andrew A. Sicree
This handbook is intended to serve as a resource for college students working to bring the right-to-life movement to their campuses. It is meant to be a practical, working manual - with a smattering of pro-life theory for good measure.
Comfort Within the Boundaries
Finding One's Voice Regarding Evil
Is recent terrorism God's judgement? Is this the end? How can it make sense? Seminary professor Dr. Robert A. Pyne outlines what we can gather (and what we cannot say) about tragedy from the Bible.
Coming Out Of The Closet: Why I Decided To Treat Homosexuals Who Want To Change Their Orientation
Paul Popper, Ph.D.
Dr. Popper shares how he became involved quietly in treating male homosexuals who wanted to leave the lifestyle because he saw the pain of these men and because he thought he could help. He wanted to continue quietly because it was safer, easier and there was less accountability. However, during the last few years as he became aware that the professional organizations of psychotherapists which govern the ethical standards of the different disciplines were seriously considering ruling that it was unethical to treat homosexuals who wanted to change their orientation, his timidity and fear was overcome by indignation. (Haynes, NASW, APA)
Commentary: Littleton, Colorado
Kerby Anderson
When the media glamorizes violence, we shouldn't be surprised when it gets played out in gruesome scenes like the one at Columbine High School.
Comparative Religions Home Page
Every Student's Choice
The home page of the Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions campaign.
The Complex Interaction Of Genes And Environment: A Model For Homosexuality
Jeffrey Satinover, M.D.
There is essentially no dimension of behavior which is not both environmentally and genetically influenced. Genes and environment interact in extraordinarily complex ways with each other, as well as among themselves to produce a final result; the environmental influences are multi-factorial and affect each other; in human behavior, the pertinent genes are also multiple. Furthermore, there are very few circumstances where free will plays little or no role in what we do. These facts are true of homosexuality as of all other dimensions of human behavior.
John H. Stoll
As the world approaches the end of the century and millennium, it appears that unrest and confusion increases, rather than a challenging and fulfilling future. Why should that be, when at the beginning of this century people awaited the twentieth-century with optimistic anticipation, that it would bring peace and prosperity through the industrial age? What caused the change?
Connecting With the Divine
Marilyn Adamson
An article that discusses Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and New Age; their main characteristics and perspectives on God, humanity and salvation.
Contentment and Joy!
Laura Leigh Storment
Personal testimony of a woman who left homosexuality through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and who now counsels others who are leaving the lifestyle.
The Costly Consequences of Divorce
An Independent Study Seminar
This research-based seminar assesses the clinical, economic, and public health impact of marital disruption in the United States. The consequences of marital disruption for individuals as well as society as a whole are currently the topics of a growing national discourse. This independent study seminar, consisting of six learning modules, is intended to explore these controversies by examining data from a variety of studies including clinical, sociological, and demographic research. In addition, the seminar is intended to help focus the research and discussion in these areas by identifying consistent patterns, inconsistencies, and vacuums in the available data as well as highlighting where research needs remain the most critical.
Courage at 36,000 Feet
Interview with Lisa Beamer, widow of a hijacked 9/11 hero on the doomed flight over Pennsylvania
Todd Beamer's now immortal words echo across the world: "Are you ready? Let's roll." Calmly, the 32-year-old software salesman ended his September 11 phone call to a GTE Airfone operator from United Flight 93. "Todd was always a calm person in crises, but I guarantee he's never faced death before." says his wife, Lisa Beamer. Lisa is convinced that what gave her husband courage is the assurance that he would see his family again in heaven-that what was happening right then, however horrific, was not the final reality. That's what keeps her going too.
Criminal Justice
Leadership University Special Focus
With the Timothy McVeigh sentencing in, America is hotly discussing the issue of criminal justice. "Does Timothy McVeigh deserve to die?" Christian scholars and leaders are grappling over this issue and the issues of capital punishment and criminal reform in general. We have devoted this special focus to these important topics.
A Critique Of Bem's E.B.E Theory
Daryl Bem explains male homosexuality as a result of temperament producing gender-inappropriate behavior, which causes the boy to feel different from same-sex peers, creating 'non-specific autonomic arousal' toward other boys. A psychodynamic critique is
Crossdressing and Christianity: A REAL Man's Struggle
Randall Wayne
Christian man struggling with cross-dressing finds strength to quit through Jesus Christ.
Crossroads on the Electronic Highway
The Real Issue, November/December 1995
Dr. J. Wesley Baker examines the four separate, yet overlapping, functions of a professor: the scholarship of discovery, of integration, of application and of teaching.
by Rich McGee
What is a cult, and how is it different from a religious group? This article seeks to answer this and discuss what the cults believe and what it is that motivates people to enter these groups.
Leadership University Special Focus
A renewed interest in cults has swept the country as a result of the events involving Heaven's Gate. What is a cult, and how is it different from a religious group? What is it that makes people stay in cult groups and sometimes be willing even to die for their group? To help you become more familiar with cult religions, we've highlighted the following articles from our resource-base.
Culture Wars
Don Closson
This article spotlights the culture war (of traditional values vs. a "progressive view") we find ourselves in and consider what a biblical response might be.
The Danger of Presuming the Right to be Treated Graciously
Paul A. Cleveland
No abstract available for this article
The Danvers Statement (Appendix 2)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Darwin's Black Box
Dr. Ray Bohlin
Michael Behe's book Darwin's Black Box was hailed by Christianity Today as 1996's Book of the Year, with good reason. This is the first book suggesting Intelligent Design that has received such serious attention from the scientific community. Dr. Ray Bohlin, with a background in molecular biology, reviews this book from a perspective as a creationist and scientist.
Deceived, Then Totally Freed
Steven Hunt
Homosexual man leaves homosexuality after coming to know Jesus Christ.
Defeating Darwinism
Rick Wade
Phillip Johnson?s important book, Defeating Darwinism, explains how evolution gained dominance as a theory of origins, and exposes its UNscientific foundations.
Disillusionment in the 1990's
Kerby Anderson
Discusses the social and economicimpact on the baby boomers. Also discusses home ownership andcareers.
Kerby Anderson
Documents the effect of divorce on noth individuals and families, providing a biblical response.
Do All Paths Lead to the Same Destination?
Keith E. Johnson
Is it possible that Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc. represent differing, yet valid, paths to the same destination? This article examines arguments for and against the claim that all paths lead to the same destination.
Does Character Matter?
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Does character matter? Is character an important component of leadership? Can you be a leader without attention to personal integrity, or private morality? A lot of Americans seem to think it doesn't matter. Competence is everything. Personal integrity is expendable. This article does not dwell on particular examples, but rather looks at much larger, more serious historical examples of exercising leadership without exercising character.
Does Christianity Work?
ESC Real Life
Josh McDowell's testimony told as an evangelistic piece for college students.
Don't Forsake Homosexuals Who Want Help
Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor (NARTH)
An editorial in The Wall Street Journal written by members of The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). They decry the fact that unhappy homosexuals are often told they were born that way and no treatment is available.
Drinking Home Page
Every Student's Choice
The main web page for the Every Student's Choice Drinking campaign.
Dynamic Sex
Rusty Wright
"A fulfilling love life. How can I have one? How can I get the most out of sex?" University students worldwide ask these questions. Why? Because both pleasure and emotional fulfillment are important facets of sex.
Easter Ads
Every Student's Choice
Every Student's Choice--Easter ads
Elvis is Dead (Deal with it)
Rusty Wright
Elvis Presley is dead. Twenty years after his death, our culture is still fascinated with the raven-haired, swivel-hipped entertainer. His songs fill the airwaves. His face graces postage stamps and velvet paintings in the U.S. and abroad. Thousands of the faithful annually trek to Graceland, his Memphis home, to pay homage to the king of rock and roll. But Elvis is dead. Chances are, you might have hints that some of the "Elvises" in your life really have little or nothing lasting to offer. But Jesus is alive. Care to meet Him?
The Essence of Femininity: A Personal Perspective (Chapter 25)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Kerby Anderson
A look at various kinds of mercy-killing and physician-assisted suicide from a biblical perspective.
Euthanasia: The Battle for Life
Dr. Raymond G. Bohlin
A discussion of four kinds of euthanasia: voluntary passive, voluntary active, involuntary passive, and involuntary active, from a biblical perspective.
Ever Wonder Why You Drink?
ESC Drinking
An Every Student's Choice--Drinking ad
Evolution and the Pope
Rich Milne
A look at Pope John Paul II's pronouncement on evolution and how Stephen Gould misunderstood it as reflected in his article in Natural History magazine.
The Family and the Church: How Should Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Work Out in Practice? (Chapter 20)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
A Father's Search For Understanding
A father learns of his son's homosexuality and laments that he allowed the boy to be too close to his mother, and to avoid closeness with him and with his male peers. Devastated by the news, the father now determines to seek freedom for his son.
Fathers Of Male Homosexuals: A Collective Clinical Profile
Psychologist Joseph Nicolosi describes fathers of homosexual men. He sees a pattern of emotional avoidance which prevents them from reaching out to help their sons break through the block that prevents non-erotic, same-sex intimacy. Implications for reor
Fetal Psychology
Janet L. Hopson
Behaviorally speaking, there's little difference between a newborn baby and a 32-week-old fetus. A new wave of research suggests that the fetus can feel, dream, even enjoy "The Cat in the Hat." The abortion debate may never be the same. This article explores fetal alertness, fetal movement, fetal taste, fetal hearing, fetal vision, fetal learning, and fetal personality.
Film and the Christian
How should a Christian view films? The author, an experienced film critic, calls us to demonstrate discernment in distinguishing between art and entertainment, without damaging one's spiritual vitality.
The Fire in the Equations: Science, Religion, and the Search for God
First Things, August/September 1996
"The Fire in the Equation: Science, Religion and the Search for God" was written by Kitty Ferguson. It is reviewed here by Stephen Barr. This book seeks to reconcile religion and science. A non-scientist herself, the author is generally able to to br
Fisher of Men
Herbert H. Toler, Jr.
The alienation of African-American men from the churches of their communities is perhaps the single greatest tragedy facing black America.
Foreseeable Future Events
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Recently, a major news telecast talked with a group of experts as to their views of world events in the foreseeable future. After skirting the basic issues, and wrangling with effects rather than causes, one reporter said that in ten or fifteen years it would be "no man's land out there". Why would they venture that analysis, and what would be the basic reason as to the pessimistic outlook?
Foreword: For Single Men and Women (and the Rest of Us)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Freedom From Homosexuality and the Gay "Christian" Deception
Chuck McConkey
Homosexual man leaves homosexuality after coming to know Jesus Christ.
Freedom From Lesbianism
Jan Jordan
Homosexual woman leaves homosexuality after coming to know Jesus Christ.
Frequently Asked Questions
Relating to Homosexuality
Many current issues concerning homosexuality are discussed on our FAQ page.
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ESC Drinking
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From Darkness to A Life Beyond Imagination
Ron Elmore
My soul delights to praise Him who has called me out of the darkness of homosexuality into His marvelous light. Personal story of a former homosexual.
The Gay '90's: A Response to the Gay Activist Movement
Critical Issues: Volume 1, Issue 3
Richard Rotondi documents the troubling agenda of gay activists. He explains why homosexuals are not a disadvantaged minority group and granting special class status and advantages is not necessary and would, in fact, hurt true disadvantaged minorities.
Gay Forever?
A Leadership University Special Focus
One of today's most hotly debated issues is the causation of homosexuality. In recent decades, many Americans have moved toward accepting homosexuality as genetic. Can homosexuals change their sexual orientation?
Gay Marriage: Reimagining Church History
First Things, November 1994
Book review of Gay Marriage: Reimagining Church History.
Get a Life!
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
Go Ahead, Offend Me
First Things, May 1998
Frederica Matthewes-Green concludes: "Scrupulous anxiety about offending women is offensive to this woman...Besides, updating gender references won't go very far toward a goal of making the Bible palatable."
God in the Closet: Why Christ Is Unwelcome in Contemporary Culture
Breakpoint Commentary
Popular speaker and author Chuck Colson comments, "It's vital that we understand the root cause of modern man's hostility to God if we're ever going to counter it effectively in the culture." He recommends J. Budziszewski's, The Revenge of Conscience.
God's Grace IS Sufficient
Johnny Chatham
Personal testimony of a man who left homosexuality through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and who found solace even in the face of AIDS-related death.
The Goddess and the Church
Feminism has invaded the realm of theology, elevating the concept of The Goddess, or Great Mother, as a pantheistic and occultic paradigm for religion acceptable to feminists, who find traditional religions unacceptable because of their "male Gods."
The Gorbachev of Darwinism
First Things, January 1998
Much is made of the "creation vs. evolution" debate. One should note, however, that both sides have serious internal disagreements among its own adherents. This article explores some of the disagreements within the evolutionist camp.
Green or Mean?
Leadership University Special Focus
Earth Day is neither an official holiday nor is it heralded with the fanfare that surrounds so many traditional, particularly religious, celebrations. If not for the media promotion of it, Earth Day might be recognized by very few loyalists. It inspires news-copy and staged events, not family traditions. Earth Day is sponsored by the Environmentalist movement. Environmentalism is portrayed by the major media as a segment which seeks to prevent pollution, promote recycling and protect endangered species. Critics of this movement, however, accuse it of having radical ideological roots that find manifestation in extremist policies. Let us consider whether or not this is true. If so, should we not still seek to conserve resources and promote the responsible use of private property? On what basis should such stewardship rest?
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Especially for Women
A fellow student recalls Valentine's past and present, and what it means to be a woman during that time of year 9and any time of year).
He Sent His Word to Heal Us
Stephen Black
Personal testimony of a man who came out of homosexuality through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and who became a husband, father, and minister.
Head Coverings, Prophecies and the Trinity: 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (Chapter 5)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Helping People Step Out Of Homosexuality
Frank Worthen
Frank Worthen, founder of Love in Action and co-founder of Exodus International, shares his personal journey out of homosexuality.
The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective (Chapter 22)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Homosexual Movement: A Response by the Ramsey Colloquium
First Things, March 1994
No abstract available for this article
Homosexual Myths
Sue Bohlin
An exploration of some of the myths surrounding homosexuality, including: 10% of the population is gay, people are born gay, Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, and gay teen suicide rates. From a biblical perspective.
Homosexual Theology
Kerby Anderson
An answer to several arguments offered by pro-gay theologians: the sin of Sodom, Mosaic law, New Testament passages, and "God Made Me Gay."
Homosexuality Is Not Inherited, and Science Fiction Solutions Won't Help
A letter written by Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D. and NARTH member to the Washington Times published January 24, 1997.
Homosexuality and American Public Life
Book Review
This book discusses medical and scientific issues relating to homosexuality--including causation, treatment, the role of self-deception in creating a gay identity, AIDS exceptionalism, and natural-law arguments against homosexuality.
How Does Your Worldview Fit?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
With all the rapidly changing events that are happening in today's world, is your worldview able to assimilate them, without disrupting your life?
How Groups Work: Coming Out of a Gay Identity, and Becoming One of the Guys
A clinician explains how group psychotherapy can help break down the barriers that inhibit normal, non-erotic male intimacy in homosexual men. When this has been done, a door has been opened toward change in sexual identity and behavior.
How Long?
ESC Valentine's
An Every Student's Choice--Valentine's ad
How Much Time Is Left?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Regardless of whether a person is a Christian or not, it seems as if the question of how much time is left in the world is on the mind. To the Christian the question is, when will Christ return to take Christians home to heaven? To the person of the world, there is the question of the world blowing up, and the annihilation of mankind. Which view is right, and what does the future portend?
How State And Local Officials Can Combat Violent Juvenile Crime
James Wootton and Robert O. Heck
Policy statement from The Heritage Foundation (1996) recommending institution of various programs to stem youth violence, particularly SHOCAP. Contains detailed research on youth crime and analysis of why today's juvenile justice system is failing.
How To Succeed In Life
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
With all the "How To" books available today, that cover about every desire, it seems imperative to consider what success in life really is, and just how does one attain it. Since there are many ideas on the matter, all of which are subjective in nature, it seems reasonable to consider an objective evaluation that is proper, not aligned with any human views, and provides us with a principled pattern. There can only be one source that fits the desired goal, and that is the Bible.
How to Pick Good People
ESC Drinking
Henry Cloud, PhD, explains how many relationship problems result from poor choices. He emphasizes ways to pick good people in relationships.
How to Pick Your Own God
Comparative Religions
An article that looks at the optimal attributes for a God and which religion has a God that we would naturally find attractive.
Husbands and Wives as Analogues of Christ and the Church: Eph. 5:21-33 and Col. 3:18-19 (Chapter 8)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
I Found Love
by Lisa Thatch
A woman who had sexual feelings for other women all her life is delivered from those feelings.
I Woke Up
ESC Drinking
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I Won
ESC Drinking
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Ideas Have Consequences
Real Issue, March/April 1997
In the beginning was "The Idea," - humans are nothing more than products of chance, progress and adaptation. However, Christian professors are advocating the pursuit of pure science: reporting the facts as they are found.
In Him Alone I Found Mercy
Ann Phillips
"Many nights I wanted to throw the Bible across the room, but I kept reading." Personal story of a former lesbian.
In Memory of Rachel Joy Scott and A Wake-Up Call to America's Youth
Transcript of a Funeral Message by Pastor Bruce Porter
Rachel Scott fell victim to the two young Colorado gunmen who later took their own lives. Her testimony as a born-again Christian serves as the impetus for this powerful challenge to other youths across the United States.
India Update
Manini Chatterjee
Article distributed by the Religious Liberty Conference email correspondence (July 1998), reporting on the persecution of believers in India.
The Inevitability of Failure: The Assumptions and Implementations of Modern Feminism (Chapter 18)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Internet
Sue Bohlin
How should Christians deal with this new cultural force? There are many worthwhile places on the Internet for believers, and this essay is heavily documented with the electronic addresses. The dangers of pornography and unwise intimacy with computer-mediated relationships are also discussed.
Interview: Jerry Armelli
he director of Prodigal Ministries in Ohio says he was deeply depressed before he realized he could change. He says, 'I thought gay life was my only option, but that thought was death-inducing. So the message that change is possible was not hate speech to
Introduction: NARTH 1995 Papers
Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.
Introduction to the Collected Papers from NARTH's 1995 annual conference.
Is Being Touched By An Angel Enough?
Don Closson
An evaluation of what's good about the TV show "Touched By An Angel" and areas where it lack substance from a biblical perspective.
Is Christmas Necessary?
Jerry Solomon
Christians have had to respond to the customs of the surrounding culture since the beginning of the church. In the end, though, Christmas is necessary only in terms of its historical and theological content.
Is It Legal for Religious Organizations to Make Distinctions on the Basis of Sex? (Chapter 19)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Is It Love or Latex?
by Tony Marco
Tony Marco shares his insights into the myths and truths about sex and relationships.
Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering?
A Discussion Forum with Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Bernard Leikind, and Dr. Jitendra Mohanty
On February 11, 1999, Drs. Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, Bernard Leikind, and Jitendra Mohanty, explored the question, "Is there meaning in evil and suffering?" Visit the online RealMedia archive to hear this forum again.
Is There a God?
Marilyn Adamson
A discussion of the evidence for God's existence. Simple, straightforward reasons that would lead one to conclude there is a God.
Is Truth Just a Matter of Opinion?
An Evaluation of the Ethics of Witchcraft and Pantheism
Explores the concept of absolute and relative truth specifically applied to pantheism and witchcraft. The major tenets of pantheism include moral relativism, reincarnation, personal autonomy and human divinity. Some popular expressions of pantheism include witchcraft, the New Age, Hinduism, the Star Wars film trilogy, and most occult-based religious systems.
It's Elementary: Gay and Lesbian Issues in the Classroom
'Indoctrination' is not too strong a word to describe this new film teaching children the normality of homosexuality. Disapproval of homosexual acts is equated with racism and ethnic bigotry. There is no mention of the scientifically proven crisis of pro
It's Every Student's Choice
The Real Issue, March/April 1995
Stan Oakes explains the Every Student Project, a strategy using issues and a coordinated media campaign to expose every university student in America to the gospel multiple times each year.
The Jesus Seminar
Jimmy Williams
An analysis of the Jesus Seminar's findings.
The Jesus Seminar
Leadership University Special Focus
The Jesus Seminar is a group of New Testament scholars who have been meeting periodically since 1985. The initial two hundred has now dwindled to about seventy-four active members. They initially focused on the sayings of Jesus within the four Gospels to determine the probability of His actually having said the things attributed to Him.
Jesus the Christ
Leadership University Special Focus
Leadership University exists to explore the truths about Jesus Christ and the Christian worldview. This special focus pages explores the biblical and historical Jesus, personal stories of those who have accepted Christ's claims, and asks the question "Would You Like To Know Christ Personally?"
Journal Articles Support the Reparative-Therapy Treatment Option
Mark Yarhouse makes a strong case for the ethics of sexual-reorientation therapy for homosexuality in the journals Psychotherapy and in The American Journal of Family Therapy. Treatment 'affirms the clients' right to dignity, autonomy and agency,' and res
The Journal On Human Sexuality
No abstract available for this article
Just A Couple Cold Ones
ESC Drinking
This story typifies the average college student's experience with drinking.
Killing Abortionists: A Symposium
First Things, December 1994
A symposium. Participants: Helen M. Alvare, Hadley Arkes, Francis Canavan, Jean Garton, Robert P. George, Nat Hentoff, Richard D. Land, Roger Cardinal Mahoney, Frederica Mathewes-Green, Bernard N. Nathanson, John Cardinal O'Connor, Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Ann
Killing As Caring
Critical Issues: Volume 1, Issue 1
Richard Rotondi discusses the false charity of euthanasia. Along with the growing acceptance, even welcoming, of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, have come increasingly dire warnings about the practice from ethicists and thinkers. The "mercy" offered by euthanasia can only be offered by those who, logically and emotionally, hold to a conception of the human person radically different from that of traditional medicine: the price of accepting euthanasia?s "compassion" is denying that humans have any inherent worth apart from their productivity or utility.
Knighthood and Biblical Manhood
Lou Whitworth
The image of knighthood is an excellent metaphor for understanding what it takes to be a godly and mature man.
The Lamb Lays Down for Broadway
If we don't take some lessons away from yesterday's terrorism, if we don't learn from our mistakes and gain some perspective, then we can add pointlessness to the injuries inflicted by the terrorists yesterday.
Let Us Live To Make Men Free
Douglas Yeo
When the Lexington (MA) High School school newspaper and yearbook solicited advertisements from their community, Lexington Parents Information Network Chairman Douglas Yeo submitted ads which comported with the publications' advertising guidelines which encouraged students who remained sexually
Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
The Little Lamb That Made a Monkey of Us All
Can Humans be Cloned Like Sheep?
Dr. Ray Bohlin responds to the March '97 announcement that scientists had cloned an adult sheep, from the perspective of a Christian scientist who has done cloning work in the lab himself.
The Littleton Shootings: Looking for the "Why"
Sue Bohlin
Much discussion regarding the schoolhouse shootings at Columbine High in Colorado deal with the how's of what happened. The author goes deeper to discuss the possible why's.
Littleton's Martyrs
Chuck Colson
An early draft of a radio commentary by former Nixon cabinet member and Prison Fellowship Ministries Director, Charles Colson. He tells the story of a brave young girl, shot by the teenage gunmen in Colorado for her faith.
Making Progress in the Origins Debate
The philosophers, scientists and scholars who met together at the Naturalism, Theism and the Scientific Enterprise conference made substantial progress on the very important question: Is methodological naturalism an essential part of science?
Maldives Update
Mark Albrecht
Article from the Religious Liberty Conference email correspondence (July 1998), reporting on the persecution of believers in Maldives.
Male-Female Equality and Male Headship: Genesis 1-3 (Chapter 3)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Marriage Reminders
Jerry Solomon
No abstract available for this article
The Meaning of Authority in the Local Church (Chapter 14)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Meaning of Kephale ("Head"): A Response to Recent Studies (Appendix 1 Part A)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Meaning of Kephale ("Head"): A Response to Recent Studies (Appendix 1 Part B)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Meaning of Kephale ("Head"): A Response to Recent Studies (Appendix 1 Part C)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Ray and Sue Bohlin
Many of the concepts in John Gray's blockbuster "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" make sense because they are based on God-designed differences between men and women. A husband-wife team discuss these differences, as well as how God's commands to husbands and wives demonstrate the gender-related needs of their spouses.
Men and Women in the Image of God (Chapter 12)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Message, Calling, Truth
ESC Black History
An Every Student's Choice--Black History ad
Michelle Akers Home Page
Michelle Akers
As the U.S. National Women's Soccer Team prepares for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, nobody is more excited than Michelle Akers. Michelle, who helped lead the U.S. team to victory in the 1991 World Championship by scoring ten goals in only six games, believes the team is ready to make a run at the Olympic Gold. But while many call her the greatest women's soccer player ever, you won't have to read much of her compelling story to realize that for her, there is more to life than soccer alone.
Militant Homosexuality and Feminism: The Politicizing of Research and Feelings
A small but vocal minority of radical gays and feminists is politicizing their anger against straight males in power. Misrepresenting research, they distort our perception of gender difference, gender development, and gender bias.
Mothers of Male Homosexuals: A Study
Summary of a doctoral dissertation reporting that homosexuals and heterosexuals have significantly different recollections of their childhood mother-son relationships. Homosexual men reported a less loving, more demanding and more rejecting mother.
Don Closson
Multiculturalism is a politically correct attempt to over-correct cultural bias by elevating all subcultures to equal status. It features the new tolerance, inclusivism, and a profound lack of discernment.
Multiculturalism and the "Politics of Recognition"
First Things, April 1993
Book review of Multiculturalism and the "Politics of Recognition" .
Must the Truth Offend? An Exchange between Jerry L. Walls and J.A. DiNoia
First Things, June/July 1998
Jerry L. Walls is Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Asbury Theological Seminary in an exchange with J. A. Di Noia, O.P., teaches at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. on the subject of interreligious dialogue.
My Divine Appointment
Linda Cude
"Homosexual." "Gay." These words described people I had always believed were evil! Personal story of a mother whose son was dying of AIDS.
The Myth of a Value-Free Psychology: It's Time for a Public Debate
Is a neutral psychology possible? Has psychology ever been neutral? Or has it always been grounded in a system of values.
ESC Valentine's
Glamour magazine shares six romantic myths that have scewed us up.
NARTH's Response To The American Psychological Association's "Resolution On Appropriate Therapeutic Responses To Sexual Orientation" (August 14, 1997)
In August of 1997, the American Psychological Association passed a resolution which places some restrictions on the work of sexual-reorientation therapists. The A.P.A.'s intent (since the A.P.A. does not consider homosexuality a disorder) was to discourage such therapy. This paper is NARTH's official response to the A.P.A.
The Neconservative Mind
First Things, October 1993
Book review of The Neconservative Mind.
The New Absolutes
Rick Wade
A review of Bill Watkins' book The New Absolutes, which says that Americans are not relativists, we're actually absolutists. Rather than abandoning absolutes, we're adopting new ones to take the place of the old.
New Study Confirms Homosexuality Can Be Overcome
Those Who Want to Change Sexual Orientation Can Be Successful
Nearly 25 years after the American Psychiatric Association officially removed homosexuality from its Diagnostic Manual, labeling it a lifestyle choice rather than a psychological disorder, a California-based association of psychiatrists and psychologists has proven that homosexuals can change their orientation through intense therapy and a strong desire to change. The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) released the results of a two-year study this week in conjunction with its annual meeting of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists, social workers, family counselors, clergy and related professionals.
New Technology and the Old University
The Real Issue, November/December 1995
Dr. Paul Vitz addresses the gneral state of nervousness that permeates today's university community over the growing cost both to students and the social institutions that support education.
Not Afraid to Change
The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame Homosexuality
Information about the autobiography of John Paulk, former active homosexual, male escort and female impersonator, who has left homosexuality.
Not Suitable for TV
Gene Edward Veith
Sex is the main subject in for many prime time television shows. Needless to say, sexual stereotypes abound in these influencial programming lots. Recent studies indicate, however, that sex in marriage is actually better than TV shows portray it.
Now for Some Good News
First Things, August/September 1997
Feminists helped launch the Sexual Revolution. The author shows recent evidence that more and more young people are disagreeing with the assumptions behind sexual liberation.
O. J. Simpson and the American Dilemma
First Things, December 1995
No abstract available for this article
Of Bible Codes and Idols
First Things, December 1997
The author criticizes the trend to interpret the Bible through the use of codes. Nevertheless, he contends, there may be some legitimacy to the statistical methods behind Bible codes.
On a Journey
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
On a Planet
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
On the Origins of Homosexuality: Is a Person "Born that Way"?
Summary of Comments of the Most Respected Researchers
The best overall summary of most respected researchers is that homosexuality (like most other psychological conditions) is due to a combination of social, biological, and psychological factors. Includes comments from Byne, Satinover, Hamer, Friedman and Downey, Goldberg, Mann, LeVay, and others.
One God, One Way
ESC Comparative Religions
An Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions ad
One Man's Struggle
This story describes the religious client's conflict between his values, and those unmet childhood emotional needs which have led to his homosexuality. He says God works strongly within the lives of homosexual strugglers who are convicted toward his truth
Opinion: The New Abortion Debate; Alone for Others; Trusting Laws, Trusting Others
First Things, April 1996
The recent abortion debate has taken an interesting turn. Some abortion advocates have admitted that abortion is the taking of a human life. While on the other side, many pro-lifers have doubted the purpose of the continued effort to seek legal prohibiti
The Other Way Out
The Stories of John and Anne Paulk
"Can the homosexual be changed?" John and Anne Paulk share their personal stories as an answer to this question.
Overhaul at Stanford
ESC Real Life
A Stanford undergrad tells how Christ changed her life in college.
An Overview of Central Concerns: Questions and Answers (Chapter 2)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Pain And Passion: A Psychoanalyst Explores The World Of S & M
Book Review
This book describes the world of S&M, but the author offers no psychoanalytic interpretation of such torture, saying that 'psychoanalysts [should] become less threatened by the pleasures that perversions bring the perverse ...' Not so, says Dr. Charles So
Partner Solicitation Language As A Reflection Of Male Sexual Orientation
Judith A. Reisman
There is sharp national dispute over similarities and differences on what is common heterosexual and homosexual conduct. Kirk and Madsen (1989) write that the "sex and love lives of gays and straights today are both similar and conventional," and similarly, Thompson (1994) writes that "gay men lead daily lives that are basically similar to those of heterosexual men." In contrast, says Danneymeyer, "so many homosexuals are extremely promiscuous" (1989) that society must be protected from what Altman (1982) views positively as "The Homosexualization of America." The data reported here, which are readily available in public magazines, throw light on this issue as it relates to one important type of sexual conduct, namely, solicitation.
The Persecuted Church
Leadership University Special Focus
Twentieth-century martyrdom and persecution have outstripped that of all other centuries. Who and where are the persecuted Christians? We have put together a Special Focus discussing the
Politically Correct Ethics
Ray Cotton
Does a rising tide lift all boats? Not if some of the have holes in them. The lack of personal integrity in much of today?s politically correct ethical agenda is cause for much concern. The need is for individuals to be trained in virtues based on transcendent truths of God?s word. This article exposes the dangers of a liberal Idealism approach to ethics.
Pop Psychology Myths
Kerby Anderson
Examines five prevalent myths found in various pop psychology books.
Pop Quiz
ESC Comparative Religions
An Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions ad
The Pornography Plague
Kerby Anderson
This essay describes forms of pornography and then documents the psychological and social effects. It also examines legal issues and provides a biblical perspective on sex.
The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Life
Leadership University Special Focus
The Pathfinder's exploration of Mars, following on the heels of the Roswell anniversary, has turned our attention and imagination to space once more. The question of extraterrestrial life looms again as an issue of great interest. Underlying questions about the origin of the of the universe and its relation to the God of faith are being raised again with renewed vigor. Leadership University offers a special focus to discuss some questions relating to these issues.
A Possible Perfect World: Examining the Anti-theistic Argument Based On the Problem of Evil
John Gay
"I do not believe in a God because there is so much evil and suffering in the world." This is an argument we commonly hear. The existence of evil and suffering, it is believed, refute the possibility of God's existence.
The Power of Peer Rejection
Interview with Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D.
Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons describes the repressed anger many homosexual men feel because of childhood peer rejection, often because they weren't good in sports. Buried rage can later be expressed in sadomasochistic sex practices, unsafe sex, and a casual a
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
The Princess and the Barbarian
The Real Issue, September/October 1995
The Princess and the Barbarian is the prologue to George Gilder's book Men and Marriage. Gilder examines the fundamental tenets of marriage and family life, arguing that both are essential for men.
Principles to Use in Establishing Women in Ministry (Chapter 21)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Privacy 2000
Kerby Anderson looks at the loss of privacy and discusses such issues as the National ID card, wire taps, Carnivore, and encryption.
The Pro-Life Movement Then and Now
First Things, November 1998
Andrusko reviews two chronicles of the pro-life movement.
Psychological Foundations for Rearing Masculine Boys and Feminine Girls (Chapter 17)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Psychological Foundations for Rearing Masculine Boys and Feminine Girls (Chapter 17)
The Public Policy of Casey v. Planned Parenthood
Table of Contents
In the most recent U.S. Supreme Court case to review the constitutionality of legal abortion, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, the Court said in what is probably the key passage to the entire opinion that continued legal abortion was necessitated by the reliance of society on legal abortion. There are four problems with this central argument for legal abortion: The Court has made an argument that undermines the ultimate interests of feminism, the Court allows society to rely on abortion, which is murder, the Court is supporting the existence of the sexual revolution, and the Court is assisting in the perpetuation of violence in society.
The Public Square: Immigration and the Aliens Among Us, etc.
First Things, August/September 1993
Richard John Neuhaus' "The Public Square" from First Things Journal.
Quality of Life
ESC Comparative Religions
An Every Student's Choice--Comparative Religions ad
Quench Your Real Thirst
ESC Drinking
Judy Clark suggests that most people drink because they're thirsty for relationships.
Quotes 1
ESC Valentine's
Quotable quotes on the subjects of sex, dating and relationships.
Quotes 2
ESC Valentine's
Quotable quotes on the subjects of sex, dating and relationships.
Radio Commentry: Vermont & Same-Sex Unions: The Ongoing Controversy
Vermont's Supreme Court ruled that treating homosexual couples differently than heterosexual couples violates their constitution's guarantee of equal treatment. The court dumped this hot potato in the lap of the legislature. It's a Hobson's choice.
Real Life Home Page
Every Student's Choice
The home page of the Every Student's Choice Real Life campaign
Real Life: What it is and Where to find it
ESC Real Life
Three testimonies offering perspective on being a Christian at college.
Real Relationships with Real People
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
A Response to Evangelical Feminism
No abstract available for this article
Reincarnation and the Message of Jesus
Douglas Groothuis
A brief look at the issue of reincarnation, particularly in light of the Christian doctrine of grace and forgiveness, by Douglass Groothuis, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Denver Seminary.
Religious Programs, Institutional Adjustment, and Recidivism
Former Inmates in Prison Fellowship Programs
This study examines the impact of religious programs on institutional adjustment and recidivism rates in two matched groups of inmates from four adult male prisons in New York State. One group had participated in programs sponsored by Prison Fellowship (PF); the other had no involvement with PF. PF and non-PF inmates are similar on measures of institutional adjustment, as measured by both general and serious prison infractions, and recidivism, as measured by arrests during a one-year follow-up period. However, after controlling for level of involvement in PF-sponsored programs, inmates who were most active in Bible studies were significantly less likely to be rearrested during the follow-up period.
Researching the "Rape Culture" of America
The Real Issue, September/October 1995
Christina Hoff Sommers specializes in contemporary moral theory. This article was taken from her book" Who Stole Feminism?" Sommers represents one side of a vigorous debate among feminists over the future of feminism.
The Resurrection of My Heart
Carol Clark
Personal testimony of a woman who found freedom from homosexuality through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Revival and Persecution: Economic Unrest Spawns Muslim Rampage in Indonesia
Cynthia White
Violence erupted in Jakarta in mid-May (1998) and continued for two days. Thousands of foreigners have since fled Indonesia. More are departing daily in the wake of the latest round of violence in a nation plagued by economical and political instability.
Rights and Wrong
Leadership University Special Feature
It is time again to recall Roe v. Wade. Pro-lifers mourn the effect of this infamous Supreme court decision. Abortion advocates celebrate it. Most are in the middle. Where do you stand on this controversial matter?
Roe v. McCorvey
Norma McCorvey with Gary Thomas
Norma McCorvey was the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. This 1973 Supreme Court decision in her favor effectively struck down any restrictions on abortion. She used her status symbol role in the Feminist movement to promote the Pro-Choice cause and to work in the abortion industry. More recently, she changed her mind and heart regarding the issue of abortion. This is her story.
Roe: Twenty-Five Years Later
First Things, January 1998
In this article, the editors of "First Things" defy the culture of death that a quarter century of abortion on demand has brought about.
Role Distinctions in the Church: Galatians 3:28 (Chapter 7)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Romances with Wolves
For Guys Only
An honest essay about women, sex and dating--from a guy's perspective.
Safe Sex
ESC Valentine's
An Every Student's Choice--Valentine's ad
Safe Sex and the Facts
Raymond G. Bohlin, Ph.D.
Sexually transmitted diseases are at huge epidemic proportions. Young people especially need to be informed of this epidemic and the necessity of choosing abstinence until marriage as the only truly safe sex.
Safe Sex?
Rusty Wright
What is "safe sex"? Many feel a condom is "safe", but the condom is not a 100% guarantee of safety against AIDS for the same reason the condom is not a 100% guarantee of safety against pregnancy. There's always the possibility of human or mechanical error. Condoms can slip and break. They also can leak. Even the experts aren't certain condoms can guarantee against sexual transmission of the HIV virus. The only truly safe sex is the lovemaking that occurs in a faithful monogamous relationship where both partners are HIV negative.
Same-Sex "Marriage"
A Public Policy Analysis
Should America allow "Gay Rights" Activists to cross the last cultural frontier? This paper is a public policy analysis of the issue of gay "marriage."
The Sanctity of Human Life: Harvesting Human Fetal Parts
Once a sanctity of human life standard is abandoned for a quality of life ethic, a slippery ethical slope leads to horrors undreamed of even 20 years ago. Legalized abortion has led to the sale of fetal tissue and eventually to legalized euthanasia.
The Sanctity of Life Seduced: A Symposium on Medical Ethics
First Things, April 1994
No abstract available for this article
Saudi Arabia Starts Deporting Expatriate Christian Prisoners
Barbara G. Baker
A Flash News report from Compass Direct (July 1998), reporting on the persecution of believers in Saudi Arabia.
A Leadership University Special Focus
The American President's admission of an "inappropriate" relationship raises serious issues. What is appropriate in sexual matters today? Is telling the truth essential? And, is the moral character of our political leaders important?
The Scent of a Cult
First Things, January 1995
Benjamin Wittes, a reporter for Legal Times in Washington, D.C., examines the traditional seven characteristics of a cult, as defined by the Cult Awareness Network, and proposes an additional criterion. Wittes writes, "The quickest way to detect a cult is
Searching for Truth in Lifestyles: Homosexuality and Christian Morality
Thomas E. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Contending that compassion for individuals should accompany a firm moral stance, Dr. Thomas Schmidt builds a case against homosexual practice. This article was presented at The Veritas Forum Lecture at
Set Free to Follow Christ: Freedom from Pornography
Clay Brown
Personal testimony of a man struggling with sexual addiction.
Sex and the Search for Intimacy
by Dick Purnell
"At first sex was exciting.Then I started feeling funny about myself, and then. . ." What is intimacy? Does sex always achieve it?
Sexo Dinamico
Rusty Wright
"Una vida sexual dinamica. ?Como puedo tener una? ?Como puedo obtener lo maximo del sexo?" Los estudiantes se hacen estas preguntas a lo largo de la nacion. Mientras hablo en sus universidades, me gusta ofrecer algunos principios practicos para manejar esas preguntas, porque creo que el placer es una parte importante del sexo
Sexual Purity
Dr. Ray Bohlin
Sexual purity is not an old Biblical idea that has lost its usefulness. It is a timeless principle with 21st century consequences if ignored.
"Silent in the Churches" On the Role of Women in 1 Corinthians 14:33b-36 (Chapter 6)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
A Son's Journey
Nathan Bell
"The next day I mentioned to my mother that I had seen Dad kissing another man in my dream." Personal story of a son dealing with his father's homosexuality.
Son, We Need To Talk
Johnny Cude
"I've wanted to talk to you for a long time about how I felt about your being gay." Personal story of a father whose son was dying of AIDS.
Special Class Protections for Alleged Gays
A Question of Orientation and Consequences
In recent years, self-alleged extremist homosexual, lesbian and bisexual activists and their supporters have launched a multi-pronged legislative offensive, on national, state and local government levels. Their goal? To secure for "gay sexual orientations" the same (plus additional) class advantages, protections and privileges under civil rights laws now enjoyed by legitimate, disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups. Tony Marco (America for Family Values) has crafted a comprehensive public policy analysis that was instrumental in the passage of Colorado's Amendment 2.
State Education and the Decline in Morality
Paul A. Cleveland
No abstract available for this article
ESC Valentine's
Statistics on sex and sexual issues.
Steps To Healing A Marriage
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Lists five important steps to healing a marriage. Includes the Ground Rules of Commitment for Husband and Wife in Order to Build Communication and Relationship.
ESC Valentine's
Max Lucado tells a story about love and beauty in the excerpt from the book Stories From the Heart.
A Strong Delusion
Joe Dallas
This book by Joe Dallas addresses "pro-gay theology." Mr. Dallas is a former gay rights activist and former staff member of a Metropolitan Community Church. In this book, he discusses many of the arguments he previously promoted.
Telling the Truth
Leadership University Special Focus
Is it important to tell the truth? Traditionally we have been taught that honesty is very important, a democratic virtue. Our American lore, such as George Washington's cherry tree or Honest Abe's penny, stress the importance of honesty. But can there be honesty without truth? The intellectuals of our time teach that there is no common truth--to each his own. Many truths, however, really mean there is no real truth. Can any social organization, including society itself, properly operate without some agreement on what is true?
Ten Ways to Be a Better Dad
National Fatherhood Initiative
Another view of the top priorities of fathering from a brochure by The National Fatherhood Initiative.
Ten Ways to Be a Better Father
Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
Practical help from a tract from American Tract Society.
Terminal Logic
Leadership University Special Feature
Dr. Kevorkian has challenged the system again, this time moving from assisted suicide to euthanasia. While even some of his former supporters denounce his latest project, others continue to applaud his efforts.
Their Blood Cries Out: The Growing Worldwide Persecution of Chrisitians
First Things, June/July 1997
The inflicted suffering endured by Christians throughout the world is the story told in "Their Blood Cries Out: The Growing Worldwide Persecution Christians" by Paul Marshall with Lela Gilbert. A. J. Bacevich provides this review.
That They May Have Life: A Statement of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
First Things, August/September 1997
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod issued a statement on abortion in America. It states that flawed notions of freedom allow this practice through all nine months of pregnancy.
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
Thought Reform And The Psychology of The Homosexual Advocacy
Charles W. Socarides, M.D.
The removal of homosexuality from the DSM--a political not a scientific decision--was simply the opening phase of a war with normality. It was part of a two-phase sexual radicalization, the second phase being the raising of homosexuality to the level of alternative lifestyle. This removal of a diagnosis was a Trojan Horse which, once admitted into the gates of the heterosexual world, has led to a sexual and social dementia.
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Homosexual Advocacy
President's Address at the 1995 NARTH Meeting
Dr. Charles Socarides, M.D., addressed the 1995 NARTH meeting with these remarks.
Too Bad
ESC Valentine's
An Every Student's Choice--Valentine's ad
Treatment of Gender-Disturbed Children: Clinical Issues
Book Review: Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents, by Kenneth Zucker, Ph.D. and Susan Bradley, M.D.
A review of "Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents," by Kenneth Zucker, Ph.D. and Susan Bradley, M.D.
Trial and Error: The ACLU and Religious Expression
The Real Issue, March/April 1994
George Grant explores the ACLU's position against the Christian faith. He documents what he calls "their discriminatory intolerance" towards Christianity.
True Love
ESC Valentine's
An Every Student's Choice--Valentine's ad
The Truth About Jesus
ESC Black History
Charles Gilmer debunks the myth that Christianity is a "white man's religion."
Truth or Tolerance?
Scott Scruggs
There are terrible implications if truth is relative instead of absolute. Tolerance has become the ultimate virtue, especially on university campuses. A Christian response to this alarming trend.
Two Problems Everyone Faces
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Recently a university professor stated that the reason suicide was the second leading cause of death among young people was that they had no hope. Hope for that which lies ahead is the motivating factor that energizes every person.
The U.S. Titanic
John Gay
The Titanic may have sunk deep into the Atlantic nearly a century ago, but it is hardly sinking today. Box-office revenue for the megahit movie Titanic has exceeded the previously #1 Star Wars and is refusing to slow down. When this ship will finally land, no one knows for sure. In the meantime, a sea of movie-goers continues to keep Titanic afloat, drawn to its nostalgia, love story, and special effects. But is there something beyond the perfect set design, the dazzling effects, and the box office receipts? Is there more to Titanic than meets the eye?
UN Conferences
Kerby Anderson
Looks at UN Conferences held in1990s and focuses most attention on Habitat II. Concludes with adiscussion of globalism.
Universal Health Coverage: The Cure or the Disease
Critical Issues: Volume 1, Issue 4
Dr. Paul Cleveland, Professor of Economics, Birmingham Southern College, explores the coercive charity of twentieth centure American "do-goodism." He concludes that the "provision of universal health insurance by legal mandate is economically unsound."
Valentine's Day Home Page
Every Student's Choice
This is the home page for the ESC Valentine's Day Web site.
The Valuable Ministries of Women in the Context of Male Leadership (Chapter 11)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Verbal Abuse
This article looks at the difficult topic of verbal abuse. It describes the various characteristics of verbal abuse and discusses the various categories of verbal abuse. The program ends by providing a biblical perspective.
Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality
First Things, January 1996
Elizabeth Kristol reviews "Virtually Normal: An Argument About Homosexuality" by Andrew Sullivan. The author, an admitted homosexual, makes the unusual claim that legalizing same-sex marriages would have a conservatizing effect on society.
Virtuous Reality: Character-Building in the Information Age
Jeb Bush and Brian Yablonski
The Founding Fathers believed democracy depended on the virtue of its people. Today, we speak of values rather than virtues. Understanding the difference between the two enables us to better comprehend the nature of social problems & their solutions.
A Vision of Biblical Complementarity (Chapter 1)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
NARTH Bulletin
No abstract available for this article
"Well, That's Just the Way I Am"
It's easy to say, 'Well, that's just the way I am.' Unspoken, but clearly understood, is 'If it bothers you, that's too bad.' Such an attitude creeps into the thinking of many mature adults, preventing growth and change--including growth out of homosexua
What Does It Mean Not to Teach or Have Authority Over Men?: 1 Timothy 2:11-15 (Chapter 9)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
What It Takes to Be a Dad
National Fatherhood Initiative
This Ad Council ad explains the difference between what it takes to be a father and what it takes to be a dad.
What Lies Ahead?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
As we conclude another year, and look ahead to the coming one, not knowing what lies in the future, how do we envision the next year? If one reflects on the past, with all the problems personally and in the world, the future does not portend much to become excited about. The forecasters don't seem to be overly optimistic either. Neither do those whose job it is to evaluate trends and project ahead.
What Will Guide Us?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Recent articles have centered upon the decline of our country in the area of moral values. If this be true, and the quantifying of it has been substantiated, as William Bennett has pointed out (Wall Street Journal, March 15,1993), then it is proper to ask what will guide us in the future, and will that guide be adequate to elevate our culture and insure peace and tranquility for all?
What does the Bible REALLY Say about Homosexual Issues?
Tony Marco
An analysis of biblical passages and queer theology by Tony Marco.
What should Christians think about those with homosexual orientation?
Stan Oakes
Stan Oakes responds to a college student who asks "Can Christians differ on an issue and still be Christians?" And, "How should Christians relate to those with homosexual orientations?"
What should Christians think about those with homosexual orientation?
Stan Oakes
Stan Oakes responds to a college student who asks "Can Christians differ on an issue and still be Christians?" And, "How should Christians relate to those with homosexual orientations?"
What's Going Wrong in our Country?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
In this RealAudio file (37 minutes), Dr. Stoll provides insight into what is happening in the U.S. in light of recent shootings in high schools.
What's a Dad?
Leadership University Special Focus
What does it take to be a father--a true dad? Do fathers provide a necessary family function? What is the status of fatherhood in our culture today? And how much does it really matter? As we honor the paternal position and the men who fill it this Father's Day, we've created a Special Focus to briefly explore the current state of fatherhood in our culture and how to address it, one daddy at a time.
When Things Get Messy. . .
ESC Real Life
An Every Student's Choice--Real Life ad
When a Friend Says, "I'm Gay"
Anita Worthen, Bob Davies
Anita Worthen and Bob Davies discuss specific ways to help a friend who says, "I'm gay."
Where Are We Headed?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
With all the concern in the media, as well as among people, as to the problems we face in our world today, when it seems as if all we hear is bad news, what does one think as to the future? On any given evening the news on TV tells of a majority of negative things going on in the world. Commentators go to great lengths to assess why we are in such a mess. No one seems to know. Is there an answer, what is it, and where do we find it?
Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?
Ray Cotton
A discussion of the need for heroes with some modern-day examples.
Where is God in the Midst of Tragedy
Prior to September 11, 2001, we were a nation who felt protected, confident that terrorist attacks only happen "somewhere else." We thought our intelligence, defense technology and security information guarded us. To our dismay, we were wrong. Now we know that even Americans are not immune to the assaults of hatred from other countries.
Where's Dad? A Call for Fathers with the Spirit of Elijah (Chapter 23)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
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Whose Side Are You On?
ESC Black History
An Every Student's Choice--Black History ad
Whose Side Is God On?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
As we approach the end of the millenium, everyone is wondering what will happen in the next century. There has been much speculation in the media, as well as among Christians. What does the future portend, and whose side is God really on?
Why Conflict in the World?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Constant and continuing conflicts in life, and in the world, are very troublesome to all. One may wonder as to why these are so constant? The Bible paints a picture to provide the answer, as well as giving one guidelines for personal resolution, and understanding as to the nature of world problems.
Why Do We Drink?
ESC Drinking
An Every Student's Choice--Drinking ad
Why Wait Till Marriage?
by Jimmy Williams
There are many arguments for premarital sex. These are discussed and found wanting in light of the positive nature of God's ideas for our sexual lives.
Why Wait for Sex?: A Look at the Lies We Face
Alice Fryling
The author presents a powerful statement about the place of sex in a relationship.
Randy Thomas
A young man finds, in a relationship with God, the fulfillment his life lacked.
Wives Like Sarah, and the Husbands Who Honor Them: 1 Peter 3:1-7 (Chapter 10)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
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The Woman on the Bus: The Faith of Rosa Parks
Breakpoint Commentary
Author, speaker and one-time Presidential assistant Colson comments on the Christian faith of Rosa Parks, the woman made famous in 1955 for refusing to vacate her bus seat for a white man. Her defiance became a rallying point for the civil rights movement, but her decorum itself was distinctly civil, which gave her example power.
Women in Society: The Challenge and the Call (Chapter 24)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Women in the History of the Church: Learned and Holy, But Not Pastors (Chapter 15)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
No abstract available for this article
Women in the Life and Teachings of Jesus (Chapter 4)
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
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World Hunger
Kerby Anderson
An examination of the causes of world hunger, the culture of poverty, and the Christian ethic in dealing with compassion to try to solve this problem.
Worldly Upheaval
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Major catastrophes, insurmountable political problems, unusual natural disturbances, coupled with personal problems in families, the market place, shootings, etc. have produced an unheard of consternation in people's lives such as never before. Why, in the past few years have all of these things come upon society, when for many years we have lived fairly peaceable lives, in a moral and ethical society, in general?
Would You Like to Know God Personally?
The following four principles will help you discover how to know God personally and experience the abundant life He promised.
Yeo v. Town of Lexington
Douglas Yeo
The landmark case of Yeo v. Town of Lexington, et. al. is one of the most important First Amendment/Free Speech cases to be decided in recent years by the United States Courts. The case, which was brought by Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Chairman of the Lexingotn Parents Information Network, is an important decision regarding advertising in public fora and viewpoint discrimination.
You Can't Do That: When Compassion Calls For Telling The Truth
W. R. Coulson, Ph.D.
The author calls for telling the truth as an act of compassion.
You Don't Have to Be Gay
Jeffrey Konrad
This book by Jeffrey Konrad offers hope and freedom for males struggling with homosexuality or for those who know of someone who is.