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Special Focus:
Telling the Truth

Is it important to tell the truth? Traditionally we have been taught that honesty is very important, a democratic virtue. Our American lore, such as George Washington's cherry tree or Honest Abe's penny, stress the importance of honesty. But can there be honesty without truth?

The intellectuals of our time teach that there is no common truth--to each his own. Many truths, however, really mean there is no real truth. Can any social organization, including society itself, properly operate without some agreement on what is true?


Truth is an inter-disciplinary, non-specialized journal for the academic community (students, professors, scholars) with a distinctively Christian perspective and seeks to provide a critical analysis of crucial contemporary intellectual issues. The issues discussed are scientific, philosophical, literary, historical or theological in nature.


Truth or Tolerance?
Scott Scruggs
If I were to ask you what our culture deemed more valuable, truth or tolerance, what would you say? In this essay we will examine the nature of the tolerance revolution in our culture, expose its strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, establish a Christian response to the question of truth or tolerance.

How Do You Spell Truth?
Don Closson
What is true for one group may not be true for another, and there is no such thing as universal truth, something that is true for all people, all the time. In this discussion we will look at modernism and postmodernism in light of Christian evangelism and apologetics.

Is Truth Just a Matter of Opinion?
An Evaluation of the Ethics of Witchcraft and Pantheism

Jon Rittenhouse
Is truth just a matter of personal opinion? Isn't one person's view of ethics just as valid as another person's? Are not all views, in essence, the same? And does the whole issue of truth and ethics really matter? Does it make any difference?

The Splendor of Truth: A Symposium
Symposium with Richard John Neuhaus, Russell Hittinger, L. Gregory Jones, David Burrell & Stanley Hauerwas, Robert P. George, Hadley Arkes.

The Truth About Jesus
Charles Gilmer
Devotion to Jesus has been a large part of the African-American experience. The black church has been and continues to be a powerful force in the African-American community. But many are questioning the propriety of African Americans following Jesus. Should we, as black people, follow this Jesus?

Awakening from Nihilism
Michael Novak
The ideologies spawned by the Enlightenment cannot provide the moral foundation to sustain modern political and social institutions. Modernity, by turning away from God's truths, rejected the basis for order and liberty.

What Lies Ahead?
John H. Stoll
Mankind is rapidly bringing the judgment of God upon himself by his selfish nature. Since humanistic philosophy says there is no absolute truth, what is left then is for each person to decide for himself where the truth lies, and this produces ultimate confusion.

Preparing Students for College
Jerry Solomon
In a nationwide survey of adults, 72% of the people between the ages of 18 and 25 rejected the notion of absolute truth. This statistic and others like it indicate the condition of contemporary college life. Are your students ready for such things? The following suggestions may be applied to help them in their preparation for college.

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