ASK Newsletter 2nd Quarter 1994


Abortion" The Issue That Won't Go Away

John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Executive Director , ASK, Inc.


Among the issues in today's world that are divisive and inflammatory, none is so great as the battle over abortion. It has increased over the years, and seems it will become even greater in the days ahead. Christians are divided over how to address the issue from a Biblical perspective.

In order for one to come to a proper conclusion on any matter, the Biblical principles that are plain and clear must be considered. The Bible is straight forward on life, that is that God is the giver of life, and the taker away of life (Acts 17:26-28). Our lives are in his hand. It also states that life begins at conception (Jeremiah 1:5), that to take another's life is murder (exodus 20:13), and only God ahs the authority over the creative act as well as its demise. Anything less than these principles goes against the Biblical injunctions.

On the other hand we must recognize that Christians who acknowledge the validity of Biblical principles also march to the beat of a different drummer than the person of the world. Therefore, to impose Biblical principles upon one who does not acknowledge them, is to do detriment to the Bible and our Christian position.

Non-Christians do not accept the moral imperatives of the Bible, except as it may affect them selfishly. When government makes laws that individuals don't like, then they either try to get around them, or they obey them not out of principle, but because selfishly they will be hurt if they disobey. They do not accept them out of moral conviction.

It is true that individuals have choices, and for a woman, to choose to abort is her choice. She may be wrong according to the principle, but it is still her choice. Mankind can legislate morality (e.g. adultery, cheating, etc.), but he cannot legislate righteousness. That has to come from within the individual out of conviction. The law legislates that a person should not lie and cheat, but people choose to do those things every day. Thus, it is also true of a woman seeking an abortion; she makes a choice out of her personal will. For Christians to impose Biblical principles upon a non-Christian, especially on such an emotionally loaded situation as abortion, and to try to stop her through protesting, is not the way to go about it.

Since God's laws are holy and righteous they are also absolute and equal, for He does not put sins on a vertical plain with some worse than others,, but on a horizontal plain; abortion, lying, cheating, greed, are all equally wrong in His sight. Therefore, as to abortion, we need to withdraw from protests, placards, etc., and work at persuading people who choose as to the moral wrongness against God by virtue of their choices.

The judgment of God against abortion will someday become a reality. Today is the day of God's grace (II Peter 3:9), and Christians would make a far greater impact on the behaviors of non-Christians by setting an example of Christian love and acceptance, than by trying to force women against their will.

There is an old saying that says: the good often become an enemy of the best. It is good that a person refuses to abort, but when a woman has an abortion we should not allow our abhorrence of that to overcome what is best, by setting an example of Christian behaviors before that person (Romans 14:16; I Peter 3:16). The best way that we as Christians can convict an ungodly world, that acts out of its own selfishness, is to set an example of Christian love and helpfulness before others. God is the final Judge, and someday He will bring the whole world before His judgment throne (I Corinthians 4:5).