Clone Encounters

The replication of human beings through technological means has long been a subject of popular science fiction novels. The implications of man creating man-without the restraints of natural reproduction-have long fascinated fans of that uniquely modern genre. But do the ramifications of Frankenstein-like fiction still send a chill up our spine?

Perhaps the only remaining fictional element in artificial human replication is the barriers that prevent it. With the recent advancements in bio-technology, the cloning of a human being may be imminent. If so, the question moves from "can we?" to "should we?" What standard is to guide us on this issue as scientists race down a road which only fiction writers have travelled?

—Byron Barlowe, Editor/Webmaster, Leadership University

Feature Articles:

Cloned Mice
Kerby Anderson
This brief essay considers the successful cloning of generations of mice as a definitive step beyond the "Dolly" experiment. Can the cloning of humans be far behind?

Human Cloning: Have Human Beings Been Cloned?
Raymond Bohlin, Ph.D.
The implications of artificial twinning in humans are examined. Is this but a precursor to the actual cloning of a man?

To Clone Or Not To Clone
Hugh Ross
Is cloning inherently evil or merely a tool? Are there circumstances in which cloning a human might be good?

Can Humans Be Cloned Like Sheep?
Dr. Ray Bohlin
The scientific and moral considerations of cloning are discussed in the wake of the famous and successful sheep cloning experiment.

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