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- September/October 2001
There and Back Again--Marvin Olasky
The Academic Witness--Jay Budziszewski
- September/October 2000
The Academy and Jesus--Ken Elzinga
Engaging in the Battle of Ideas--Ravi Zacharias
- March/April 2000
Final Faculty Evaluation--George Rekers
Finding Common Ground--Tim Downs
The Sacred/Secular Balancing Act--Otto Helweg
- January/February 2000
The Christian Scholar in the 21st Century--Alister McGrath
Why Care About Teaching?--Vernon Burton
Academic Integration and the Christian Scholar--J.P. Moreland
Can We Change the Course of the New Millennium?--Mike Sorgius
- October 1999
The Courage to Teach Well--Nancy Simpson
A Book Review with a Purpose--Walter Bradley
The Hidden Cost of a Ph.D.--Don McDonald
The Integration of Our Callings--Mike Duggins
- February 1999
The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship--George Marsden
A Christian Critique of the University--Charles Malik
The Two Communities of the Christian Scholar--Greg Ganssle
Mustard Seeds--Mike Atchison
Faith and Scholarship--Rich McGee
- September/October 1998
Character Does Matter--Frederica Matthewes-Green
Indoctrination 101--Anonymous
You Can Love Monday--John Beckett
Missionary to the Campus--John Cogdell
The Sacred Desk of the Professor--Don Davis
- March 1998
The Postmodern Puzzle--Dennis McCallum
When Worldviews Collide Part 2--Armand Nicholi

Why Care About Ideas?--Jim Cook
- January 1998
When Worldviews Collide--Armand Nicholi
Good News: It's Slanted Our Way--Byron Johnson
Toward Integrating Your Life and Your Work--Edward L. Harris
Escape from Nihilism--Jay Budziszewski
On Integrating Your Faith--Rae Mellichamp
- September/October 1997
How to Restore Christian Thought to the University--Rae Mellichamp
The World at our Doorstep--Kathleen Macosko
The Courageous Christian Professor--Jim Jones
"Be Humble, but Daring"--Adolfo Lopez-Otero
Retiring to Work--John Walkup
Going Native in Ministry--Bill Hager
- March/April 1997
Ideas Have Consequences--John Myers
Explosion of Life--Paul Chien
Neo-Darwinism: What is at Stake?--Tom Bethell
Great Beginnings: UT Origins Conference Opens Doors to Dialogue--Robert Koons
Making Progress in the Origins Debate: A Summary of NTSE--Robert Koons
- November/December 1996
- September/October 1996
- April/May 1996
- November/December 1995
- September/October 1995
- March/April 1995 (Special Edition: Faith and Science, Part III)
- November/December 1994 (Special Edition: Faith and Science, Part II)
- September/October 1994 (Special Edition: Faith and Science, Part I)
- March/April 1994
- January/February 1994
- November/December 1993
- March/April 1993
- September/October 1992
- Special Introductory Issue (Initial edition sent to all new subscribers giving an overview of CLM)