Several publications are available through Leadership University.

Apologia Report is edited by Rich Poll, formerly in charge of research material at the Christian Research Institute. Career apologists, educators, pastors, and missionaries around the globe read Apologia Report to keep themselves current in the field of Christian apologetics.

Cambridge Papers is a non-profit making quarterly publication which aims to contribute to contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. The writing group is an informal association of Christians sharing common convictions and concerns.

Mars Hill Review, a publication of Mars Hill Forum, attempts to reveal Christ in today's postChristian culture. The journal (160 pages per issue published three times per year) features intriguing interviews, thoughtful essays, scholarly studies, a generous selection of short stories, fiction, poetry, visual art and critical reviews of books, music and film.

Ministering in the Secular University: A Guide for Christian Professors and Staff is for the serious Christian academic concerned with having an impact for Christ in the university, both on the intellectual front which explores the proper role of Christianity in the university, and on the personal front where academics impact students, associates, and individual universities.

The Real Issue was a publication of Faculty Commons (formerly Christian Leadership Ministries). a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, International. RI was published to serve Christian faculty at secular universities through encouragement, ideas, and examples of applying faith in teaching, research and service in the academy. An archive of editions published September/October 2001 and prior is available here.

Touching Your World: Reaching Out as a Faculty Wife includes a variety of ideas to encourage and equip you to reach out and touch lives in the university community. Think of this manual as a smorgasbord; you simply choose one or two ideas that sound fun and challenging to you. The intent is to equip you to be more effective as you sense God calling you to step out in faith.