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 - What's a Dad?
What does it take to be a true father? Do dads provide a necessary family function, or has the rise of lesbian motherhood, single mothers and other social arangements rendered fathers passe? What is the status of fatherhood in our culture today? And how much does it really matter? Reflecting on Father's Day, we've created a Special Focus to briefly explore the recent state of fatherhood in our culture and how to address it.

 - The Genome's Out of the Bottle
The bio-technology world is abuzz--the genetic recipe that makes up humans (human genome) is nearing completion of the first stage of cataloging this month. While publicly funded institutions have made this revolutionary information publicly available, one American company sells subscriptions to its version, raising ethical questions that only add to those already surrounding genetic engineering. We investigate the ethics of genetics in our special focus.

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 - God and the Academy Conference
The God and the Academy Conference will be a unique gathering of hundreds of professors from around the world. Together these university leaders will map out how they can impact their students, their universities and their fields of study. Find out more...

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