Other Sites

Leadership University is a large place. You are currently on the main site.  There are many other sites that focus on specific issues in the Leadership University group.

faculty.gif FacultyLinc. Ministry resources and discussions for university faculty and staff.
Faculty Commons The faculty ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.
origins.gif Origins. Top scientists and philosophers on issues concerning intelligent design and theism.
wri.gif World Religions Index. Equipping Christians to understand other world faiths.
espanol.gif Leadership University (Español). Una universidad virtual. Recursos para la vida y el ministerio.
Academic Initiative. Uniting faith and scholarship by God's call and for His glory.
probe.gif Probe Ministries. Christian scholars analyzing and challenging contemporary culture.
mars hill forum.gif Mars Hill Forum. Revealing Christ in culture through a seminary, a journal and seminars/conferences.
crossroads.gif The Crossroads Project. Defending the Christian message in today's culture.
wlcraig.gif William Lane Craig. The virtual office of this philosopher, theologian, writer, and speaker.
first things.gif First Things Journal. An online journal of religion and public life.
rtb.gif Reasons to Believe. Scientific evidence for the existence of God.
phil.gif Phillip E. Johnson Page. Professor Johnson's works, primarily in the area of origins.
koons.gif The Virtual Office of Robert C. Koons. Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas.
ffe.gif Families For Educators. Families ministering to public school educators.
yeo.gif Douglas Yeo. Information from a bass trombonist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
bridges.gif Bridges International. Outreach to mainland Chinese intellectuals studying abroad.
loving monday.gif Loving Monday. Succeeding in business without selling your soul.