Biblical Principles for Christian Maturity

John H. Stoll, Th.M., Ph.D

Copyright 1996, John H. Stoll

Table of Contents

Pearls of Wisdom for Understanding this Book



Section One
Biblical Principles With Practical Application

1. A Theology of the Grace of God

2. God's Three Essentials

3. As In Adam All Die

4. The Kingdom of God/Heaven

5. God's Times & Methods of Revelation

6. The Sovereignty of God

7. The Conflict Through The Ages

8. By God's Will

9. The Threefold Ministry of Christ

10. The Course of This World

11. A New Nature, Help, Assurance, Hope

12. God's Will & Man's Character

13. A Guide for Life - The Holy Spirit

14. The Spiritual Life & the Worldly Life

15. Personhood & Biblical Principles

16. To Be or Not To Be

17. Toward A Christian Philosophy of Life

18. The Normal Christian Life - Philippians

19. The Neutral Area of Life - Romans 14

20. The Threefold Elements of Sanctification

21. Testing in the Christian Life - James

22. How To Pray

23. A Prophet's Message For Today - Habakkuk

24. "Beloved - Be" - II Peter 3

25. Heavenly Rewards

26. The Seven Judgments

27. The Trump of God

Section Two
Philosophical/Psychological Principles
with Biblical Truths For PracticalLiving

28. Toward A Worldview

29. A Biblical Philosophy of Life

30. The Bible and Psychology

31. Balancing Christianity & Psychology

32. Three Haunting Fears

33. Six Emotional Causes of Diseases

34. Life's Three Problems

35. Foundation For Marriage

36. Toward A Balanced View of Sex

37. Don't Squeeze The Balloon

38. "So As"

39. Fear Not, Fret Not, Faint Not

40. A Weekend of Reflection Upon A Life of Relationship

Appendix - 41. The Christian's Response to Today's Problems

Bibliography for Supplemental Understanding