An International, Inter-Disciplinary Journal of Christian Thought
Volume 2 (1988)
Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind

Truth: A Journal of Modern Thought and The International Institute of Mankind co-sponsored Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind, an international, inter- disciplinary conference held on the Yale University campus, March 1-3, 1986. A report on the conference in AI magazine (the official publication of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence), Fall 1987, noted "the historic proportions of the debate and the personalities involved" and the fact that the sponsors "had contrived to assemble the biggest scientific guns they could find to support a dualist position and paired them off against the leading exponents of the opposing position."

For reasons of space, only a few of the papers presented at the conference are included below. Volume 2 is edited by Professor Joseph Mellichamp, University of Alabama.

Contents, Volume 2 (1988)

Roy Abraham Varghese introduces this issue.
A Homily on a Simile: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind
Professor Daniel N. Robinson, Chairman, Department of Psychology, Georgetown writes an introductory commentary on the issues discussed at the conference and in these papers.
Minds are Simply what Brains Do
Professor Marvin Minsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Minds or Machines
Dr. John Beloff
Dualism through Reductionism
Professor Hans Moravec, Carnegie-Mellon University
The Effect of Silent Thinking on the Cerebral Cortex
Sir John Eccles
Artificial Intelligence as Common Sense Knowledge
Professor Douglas Lenat
The Godelian Argument
Dr. J. R. Lucas, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford
Professor Joseph Mellichamp, University of Alabama