Edited Proceedings

From the Christian Scholarship: Knowledge, Reality, and Method Conference
The conference was held October 9-11th at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Approximately 100 attended and 30 papers were read. Below are the alphabetized (by author), edited proceedings from those papers. The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Leadership University nor its sponsors.

Other papers from the Conference Forthcoming

What is Naturalism, that We Should be Mindful of It?
William P. Alston, Ph.D.

Supernatural Agency and the Modern Scientific Method
Michael A. Corey, Ph.D.

Scientific Psychology and Christian Theism
Harold D. Delaney, Ph.D. and Timothy E. Goldsmith, Ph.D.

What is Christian in Music?
Terry B. Ewell, Ph.D.

A Doxastic Community Approach to Christian Scholarship
Gregory E. Ganssle Ph.D.

Richard Rorty and the Postmodern Rejection of Absolute Truth
Dean Geuras, Ph.D.

Creationists of the World Unite!
Gordon Lewis Ph.D.

Faith and Rationality
William B Monsma, Ph.D.

A Vision of Veritas: What Christian Scholarship Can Learn from the Puritan's "Technology" of Integrating Truth
David Hill Scott

Epistemological Repentance: A Response to Post-Modernism
Jerry L. Sherman, Ph.D.

The Hermeneutics of Innocence: Literary Criticism from a Christian Perspective
Carl P.E. Springer Ph.D.

Science, Metaphysics, and Worldviews
James Stump

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