Installing the Koine Font in Three Easy Steps

The article you are reading requires the installation of the Koine Italics font. This will allow you to read the original Greek words the author has used in his article.

Download the Koine Italics font (koine.ttf)

Click the Download Now link at the end of the section. Your computer will ask where you wish to save the file.

Install the font

For Windows 95 computers, save the file in the Fonts folder. This is normally the folder C:\WINDOWS\FONTS. After clicking Download Now below, you will be given a Save As dialogue box. Navigate up to the C: drive then the Windows folder then the Fonts folder. Then click Save. The font will be saved into the Fonts folder.

Windows 95 Save As box><BR clear=

For Macintosh computers, save this file to a temporary location on your local computer, UnStuff-It and then copy to the System Folder. After clicking Download Now below, you will be given a Save As dialogue box. Choose a temporary location on your local system. If you have the free StuffIt Expander installed, it will expand the file. Otherwise, download and install the free StuffIt Expander. When expanding is completed, use Finder to drag the koine font suitcase over your System Folder to install the font into the fonts folder. (Note: If you have trouble finding where your Mac stored the font, use the Finder Find File command to find "koine" then drag it to the System Folder.)

Return to the article and reload.

After you have the Koine Italics Font installed, use your browser's Back button to return to the article. Then click the Reload/Refresh button so that your browser will use the newly-installed Koine font. Enjoy reading! On a Macintosh system, you may have to quit your browser and relaunch it to view the Koine font.

Download Windows Font Now

Download Macintosh Font Now