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Putting Beliefs Into Practice [Rick Wade]
Feb. 27, 2000

Rick Wade uncovers and analyzes three major ingredients to help students produce a life of meaningful service in the kingdom of God: convictions, character, community.

Church and State [Don Closson and Robin Riggs]
Feb. 23, 2000

Don Closson and Robin Riggs analyize three prominent views on the relationship between the church and the state and challenge Christians to express their faith while allowing others the freedom to do the same.

Kerby Anderson Commentaries
Feb. 17, 2000

Congressional Issues for 2000 [Kerby Anderson]
Feb. 12, 2000

Kerby Anderson isolates some key issues for Congress' 2000 session, issues which may go largely unnoticed in an election year but which demand attention.

Kerby Anderson Commentaries
Feb. 12, 2000

Darwinism Takes a Step Back in Kansas [Dr. Ray Bohlin]
Feb. 11, 2000

Dr. Ray Bohlin dissipates the rhetorical fog surrounding the recent decision by the Kansas State Board of Education, revealing the core issues and discovering some surprising support for Intelligent Design.

The Value of Suffering [Sue Bohlin]
Jan. 24, 2000

Sue Bohlin tackles the thorny problem of suffering in the Christian life, emphasizing its value in fostering dependence on God and producing maturity.

Kerby Anderson Commentaries
Jan. 22, 2000

A Short Look at Six World Religions [Sue Bohlin]
Jan. 16, 2000

An overview of several world religions from a conservative Christian perspective. These segments are airing on Moody Broadcasting stations on the Morning Program during the week of Jan. 17-21.

Why Does the University Fear Phillip Johnson? [Dr. Ray Bohlin]
Dec. 28, 1999

Ray Bohlin sketches Phillip Johnson--the man and his mission: a law professor dedicated to exposing the naturalistic, anti-theistic presuppositions of today's academic elite.

Kerby Anderson Commentaries
Dec. 28, 1999