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Rick Wade graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a B.A. in communications (radio broadcasting) in 1986. He graduated cum laude in 1990 from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with an MA in Christian thought (theology/philosophy of religion) where his studies culminated in a thesis on the apologetics of Carl F.H. Henry. The primary focus of Rick's interest has been apologetics and apologetic method. His current study projects include religious pluralism, truth and relativism, and apologetic method in a postmodern (and post-Christian) culture. Before joining Probe Ministries in February 1997, Rick worked in the ship repair industry in Norfolk, VA. Rick and his family make their home in Rowlett, TX.


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Justin Martyr: Defender for the Church 2000
Looking for God: The Spiritual Quest of Generation X 2001
Modern Myths 2001
Putting Beliefs into Practice: The Real Test for Christian Students 2000
The Debate Over the King James Version 1998
The Relevance of Christianity: An Apologetic 1999
The World in Our Worship 2001


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