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Diploma, Iolani (HI) High School (1984)
B.A., Point Loma Nazarene University (1988)
Th.M, Dallas Theological Seminary (1993)


Probe Ministries Staff (1990-present)
Author, teacher, national and international speaker on apologetics, cults, world religions, Bible, theology, and current issues.

Associate Pastor Asian American Baptist (1993-1999)
Pastor of Students and Christian Education


Unless I See. . .Reasons to Consider the Christian Faith, 2000, Brown Books

Contributing author:
The Complete Handbook of Children's Education by Bob Choun and Mike Lawson
What is Coming From Your Pulpit? A Look at Abusive Churches, by Jeremiah James
Probe Mind Games Notebook

Probe Articles:
Abusive Churches, 1993
Archeology and the New Testament, 2000
Archeology and the Old Testament, 2000
Authority of the Bible, 1991
Buddhism, 1994
Confucius, 2001
Is the Church Ready to Engage the Culture?, 2001
Jehovah's Witnesses: Witnessing to the Witnesses, 1994
Jehovah's Witnesses and the Trinity, 1994
Mormon Doctrine of God, 2001
Most Asked Questions About Dating, 1998
Principles for Dating, 1998
Resurrection: Fact or Fiction? 1997
The Mystery of Reincarnation, 2000
The Uniqueness of Jesus, 2000
What Happens After Death, 1999
Why We Should Believe in the Trinity, 1999