"What's the Maximum Age for a Student to Attend Mind Games?"

What is the maximum age to attend the week-long National Mind Games Conference for a youth? Our son wanted to attend last year but had a trip to Germany scheduled and was unable to attend. He is now finishing his Sophomore year in college and just turned twenty. He is a 4 point student and his goal is to one day enter politics. Is he too old?

No, your son isn't too old at ALL....in fact, students with some college behind them end up being incredible assets to that Mind Games conference because they are able to affirm that the issues we teach about are, indeed, being taught on the college campus today. And they provide some fodder for discussion that is wonderfully helpful to the still college-bound high schoolers. Your son might even find some other students there his own age, since we always have alumni returning each year.

By all means, register him and let him be as much of a blessing to the other students as (Lord willing) we will be to him!

In His grip,

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries