"There Are Many Paths, But Only One Destination"

"All roads lead to Rome" was a popular saying, used by many to illustrate the point that there are many paths, however, there is only one destination. The clear calm voice within, being the path and, God as Spirit, being that destination. I realize that you will disagree, perhaps vehemently/violently as other Christians formerly have, with my belief that Jesus did not come to earth to establish Christianity. That task was left to Saul/Paul and others similarly motivated. I left Christianity behind [and later rejected many of its tenets and precepts], initially because of their insistence of enforcing the concept of Christianity's exclusive access to God, [or whatever other name the Creator might be called, in any particular past, present, or future society.] I don't think that one must have a knowledge of Jesus as "our personal savior." And saved from what? God has no error to amend, so what original sin did God commit, that would enable us to even have an ability to commit ours?

[deleting most of the very long paragraph which follows]

Thanks for writing, ______.

Only question: you now believe there is only one destination, no matter how we get there. How do you know this is true?

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries Webservant

I was writing to be in communication with my fellow human beings. I am not required to explain or justify my beliefs, simply because you possess the ability to ask. Your transparent attempt at provocation is so typical of the techniques, used by those who feel threatened by another's lack of desire to experience fear, about the things they themselves have concern. Do not contact me again for any reason or anything at all. IS THAT CLEAR?

I was tempted to send back a response; several came to mind. . .

A) Yes!
B) Is that a rhetorical question?
C) OK, but you wrote to me first.

. . .But I decided not to since our office address is on the Probe home page and/or this person could mailbomb us.<grin>