"I Am Deeply Hurt and Offended by Your Homosexual Myths Article"

This is in regards to the outragous essay "Homosexual Myths" by Sue Bohlin that is displayed on your web page. I realise that this woman is entitled to her opinion, but I am ashamed that (pardon my french) c**p such as this is allowed to be published. I am homosexual, and I come from a Christian family, and I have tried to come to terms with both my sexuality and my religion, all the way through my teen years, and I considered suicide many times. Also she says it's a myth that you aren't born homosexual. My family is completely anti homosexuality, and I cannot remember a time when I haven't been attracted to women, so I wasn't "made" to be homosexual, it wasn't a choice.

She also says that 2 people in love can't get married if they are of the same sex, and once again excuse my french, but b*lls**t, absolute b*lls**t. If two people are in love they should have the same rights as any other couple.

I am deeply hurt by what she has said. And the fact that someone would publish it hurts more.

__________, 15  

Dear _________,

I am SO GLAD you wrote to reply to my essay on homosexual myths, since it made you so angry. I am glad to have a chance to respond to you and hopefully to clarify some things.

First of all, I hear your anger and I wonder if perhaps, under your anger, is a great deal of pain. I wonder if maybe you are one of the many, many young women who were abused and hurt as a child? 85-90% of the women who call Exodus International (the umbrella organization that helps people who want to leave homosexuality) report having been abused, usually sexually. If you grew up in a homophobic family (if that's what you mean by "completely anti-homosexuality"), then I can see how that alone would plant all sorts of mixed and hurtful messages in your head and make you feel confused and hurt. If you considered suicide many times, you must be under a horrible load of pain. That breaks my heart for you. I am so sorry.

You say you cannot remember a time when you haven't been attracted to women, but I wonder if--and very gently suggest--that's not a line you heard somewhere and you adopted it as yours, maybe? Because little girls aren't supposed to be sexually attracted to women--or men, or boys, or anybody else for that matter--until adolescence. But little girls often DO have crushes on other girls, and on female teachers. There's a big difference between having strong feelings for someone you like and admire, and being sexually attracted to her. (For one thing, the sex hormones aren't supposed to be running in young girls.) However, when little girls become sexual beings at an early age, that usually means someone has violated them by introducing them to sexual acts and feelings long before they were intended to experience those things.

I wonder, _______, did any of these things happen to you? Because you're very angry, and underneath your anger is either pain or fear, and I don't sense you're too afraid here. Just really really angry.

You said you were raised in a Christian family, but I don't know if that means just a church-going family, or if you all truly know and love Jesus. Your statement about the family being "completely anti-homosexual" makes me think that maybe you heard a lot of judgmental, condemning comments that are very un-Christlike. It's because I have seen for myself how Jesus tenderly loves and can heal women caught in same-sex attraction that I know that the ideas in my essay are true and they offer hope for change.

You said you were deeply hurt by what I said, but I promise, I didn't say anything to hurt you or anyone else. Nonetheless, I believe that you ARE deeply hurt, and I want to say I am so very very sorry for whatever brought you to this place. I wonder if you are one of those young ladies who has never felt comfortable in her femininity, because being a female means being weak and being victimized and being vulnerable. . . and being hurt. If your feelings of being "different" go way back as far as you can remember, then something happened to interfere with the normal development that God intended for you to enjoy. You were supposed to feel comfortable being a girl, regardless of what part of the spectrum of "girliness" you fall in. That was His intent. If that's not where you ended up, I'm sorry for whatever caused that.

Please feel free to write back. My heart goes out to you. You seem to have more on your plate than a 15-year-old young lady should have to bear. I hurt for you, ______, and I am sending this e-mail back with a prayer that the Lord Jesus will wrap His arms around you and let you feel loved and protected and cherished and adored....because that's His heart for you. He really does feel that way about you.

Your friend, I hope,

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries