Print the Truth About Islam!

Why are you lying to people about Islam? The prophet Muhammad himself is quoted to have said to his followers that even he would not enter paradise without the mercy of Allah, and the prophets were all free of any kind of sin. The word is composed of the Arabic words "Al" meaning "the" and "ilah" meaning "God." The word "Allah" means "the God," "the Creator," the only one worthy of worship. Who can help you except for the one who created the heavens and the earth? Who can hurt you except for the one who created the heavens and the earth? When Jesus, whom we love as one of our prophets known to us and Isa bin Maryam, Jesus the son of Mary was on the earth, drinking God's water and breathing God's air, who could have stopped God had He decided to destroy the earth including Jesus? Don't mix the creation and the Creator. Even the Christians cannot deny the singular power of Allah when they claim that He came in the form of Jesus (May Allah protect us from worshipping any figure of creation) Allah is one in control of everything. That belief may seem logical, but it is not a product of anybody's mind because the mind cannot create a reality that already exists. The identity of God for the creation is that of the creator. How can Allah be seen as distant when according to Islam, He is closer to you than your own jugular vein? Allah is said to have 70 times the love for His creation that a mother has for her child.

I am a white American and I am pleading to you out of brotherly love for you and the people you reach to get your facts straight and print the truth about Islam. Allah loves the believers who when they do wrong, they turn to Him in repentance, yet we all know that Allah does not like lying. The Word Islam means "submission." The way of all the prophets was submission to God. Noah (Nuh) preached submission to Allah, Moses (Musa) preached submission to Allah, and Jesus (Isa) preached submission to Allah and all other of the 124,000 or more prophets between Adam and Muhammad came with submission to Allah. To become Muslim, we say "La ilaha il lala Muhammad ur-rasululah mean that "There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is his final messenger." Please come to Islam.  

I think perhaps as a white American, you are infusing your understanding of Islam with concepts about the biblical God. In effect, you are borrowing aspects of the God of the Bible and applying them to Allah. Noah, Moses and Jesus did not preach submission to Allah; they preached about a RELATIONSHIP with Yahweh, who is not the same as Allah.

I am not lying to anyone about Islam. I think perhaps you are mistaken about both what I said and the nature of the one true God, whose name is "I AM," and Who has also revealed Himself to be the loving Daddy (Abba) who is full of grace and truth. There is no grace in Allah. There is only the legalism of submission without personal intimacy.

You pleaded with me to come to Islam. I plead with you, please come to a PERSON--Jesus. He IS true Christianity.

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries  

Dear Sue,

It really bothers me that you would write "there is no grace in Allah." The word "Allah" is synonymous with the word "God" in English. Arab Christians use the word "Allah" when they refer to their trinitarian concept of God. You should think before you write. Had I known that you were going to make that statement, I would not have sent you a message in the first place.  

I am sure than this correspondence is disturbing to you. With good reason; the differences between Islam and Christianity are deeply disturbing.

I assure you, I do think before I write, and I did not intend to mean that there was no grace in God. I strongly believe that Allah is the not the same as the God of the Bible, and no matter what word Arab Christians use for their concept of God, Allah and the "I AM" (Yahweh) are not two names for the same deity.

I know this will sound blasphemous to you, and I say this with all respect for what you believe, but I believe that Allah is a created god who is a spiritual deception. I believe that Allah does not exist at all because it is an idea invented by Mohammed. There IS one true God, but His name is not Allah and His character is different from Allah.

The bottom line here is that you and I are both staking our eternal futures on what we believe. One of us is wrong or both of us are wrong, but we both cannot be right. That means that either one of us is deceived or both of us are deceived.

I am willing to stake my eternity on the God who wrapped Himself in human flesh, lived a perfect, sinless life, promised to come back to life after dying for us, and then delivered on that promise. The founder of my religion is alive today after defeating death. Where is the founder of your religion?

I pray that the one true God will reveal Himself to you, ________. Easter isn't about eggs and candy and bunnies; it's the most powerful statement the world has ever seen that God has pierced human history and proven Himself the God of Life. Jesus is resurrected from the dead to prove that He was far more than a mere prophet; He is God Himself.