"God Made Me Gay"

So...in all that I see in your site, is homosexuality wrong?
Why do you care?
Do you not have lives?
I know that Jesus Christ the Lord loves me for being gay, because he made me that way and each one of us in his image!


So...in all that I see in your site, is homosexuality wrong?
Homosexual behavior is sin, because it is unholy and not God's intent. Having homosexual feelings is not wrong because nobody has any choice over that.

Why do you care?

Because God cares.
Because the world is telling us a lie, that this destructive behavior is normal and good and desirable, but people are dying from it in both body and soul.
Because there is hope for change and healing, but lots of people don't know that.
Because this is an area where there is SO MUCH pain, both in the lives of those dealing with same gender attraction and in the lives of the people who love them.

Do you not have lives?

Yes, we have lives. But we are committed to what God has called us to, which is proclaiming the truth of His word and its perspective on our culture. Part of that is providing a biblical perspective on homosexuality. Particularly because there is a definite agenda of people whose purpose is to change the culture's view of homosexuality to one that is diametrically opposed to what God says. We can't oppose God without destructive results, so at Probe we are offering the truth to combat the lie that's out there about this issue.

I know that Jesus Christ the Lord loves me for being gay, because he made me that way and each one of us in his image!

You've got two of out three right!! <smile> He sure does love you. He not only loves you, but He LIKES you, and proved it by dying for you. He DID makes each of us in His own image, which makes us all infinitely valuable and precious, an absolute masterpiece.

But He doesn't love you for being gay, He loves you for being His creation. He didn't make you gay. He wouldn't condemn it if He had! You may have always felt different, and you may have been told that you've always been gay, but that doesn't make it true. For example, have you always been an English speaker? You are now; have you always been? Well, no, when you were born you were programmed for being a LANGUAGE speaker, but not necessarily an ENGLISH speaker. If you had been born and raised under different circumstances, you might have been an Indian speaker or a French speaker or a Swahili speaker.

In the same way, if different circumstances had happened to you, you could well have been different--sensitive? emotional? not real physical?--but identified yourself as creative and emotionally gifted but not gay. Like King David in the Old Testament.

A lot of research has examined the contributing factors of homosexual orientation. It seems to be primarily relational.

Which is why thousands of people have discovered that an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus is bringing healing to those relational wounds that made them think they were gay in the first place, and they are changing from the inside out. If you're ever interested--if you get to the point where life isn't working for you and being gay just isn't making you happy, like you hope it will--I can give you more information.

The Lord bless you and keep you.

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries

Thanks for your answer! I have prayed to the Lord to make me straight! Why does he not answer?

Dear ____,

I am SO GLAD you wrote back with this question!!

I had my own answer to give you, but first I called a dear friend who lived a homosexual life for several years and, after leaving it, pursued emotional healing through his relationship with Christ. I asked him how HE would answer your question, and this is what he said:

"Well, God would say to him, 'Dear one, that's what I intended you to be all along, and I still do. But we're going to have to undo the damage that sin has caused in your life. There are matters of generational sin, unhealthy patterns of family relating--we need to refashion your life into the pattern of My original intent."

My friend and I both believe the best way to cooperate with God in "refashioning your life" is a program called Living Waters. (www.desertstream.org/programs/livingwaters.htm)

I would also highly recommend two resources for you. The first is a book called You Don't Have to Be Gay by Jeff Konrad. You can order it from Regeneration Books (www.exodusnorthamerica.org/resources/) or Amazon.com. Additional excellent reading material can be found on the Exodus NorthAmerica website (www.exodusnorthamerica.org) in the Library section.

Secondly, there is a tremendous online forum for discussing and learning about how to overcome homosexuality at Living Hope Ministries (www.livehope.org)--click on "Online Forums."

There IS hope for change, but it won't be easy or fast. Asking God to make you straight is like looking at the wreckage of the World Trade Center and praying that tomorrow morning, when you wake up, it will be completely restored. Overnight restoration won't happen in this world. If God WERE to miraculously make you straight, you wouldn't know who you were. It would be like an alien had moved into your skin. That's because your emotions and your desires aren't about sex, they're about how you think about yourself and others and how you get your needs met. Those things needs to be untangled and changed respectfully and with dignity for who you are as a person made in the image of God, not a "thing" that can be manipulated against your will.

Thank you, _____, for sharing the real issue of your heart with me. I pray that God will allow you to experience even a glimmer of the true and living hope that He offers to you. I have seen lives changed and healed with my own eyes. I know it's possible. If you're willing to work with the Lord Jesus to refashion your life into what He meant you to be, true change can be yours as well.

Praying for you,