"Are They Really Going to Clone Jesus?"

My father ran across the web site www.clonejesus.com and is very concerned that this is real and actually going on. I look at it and think it's a hoax. Have you heard anything either way that would set the record straight? Thanks!

Thanks for contacting us. I had not been aware of this "project." From what I can tell, these people know quite a bit about cloning but little about Scripture. I pray it is a hoax. That sounds strange I know, but the thought of someone actually trying to clone from "relic" tissue would be an incredible waste of resources and possibly lives.

While I suspect this is a money-making hoax, I don't doubt that there are kooks with just enough knowledge (or perhaps too little) to think they can actually do this. The scheme, however, has no hope of success since any tissue presumably saved from Jesus would have deteriorated long ago. Any tissue removed from Jesus' body (I don't believe anybody would have done this) would have been immediately exposed to oxygen and humidity. Dying tissue doesn't respond well to this--decay sets in immediately. On top of this the tissue would now be nearly 2,000 years old. Since no one at that time knew how to preserve tissue to maintain its integrity, there is literally no hope of finding viable cells with DNA intact. But miracles are always possible! But if you rely on miracle, then why bother cloning Jesus? Why not just wait for Him to return? The whole thing is overflowing with contradictions.

Since they claim that their goal is to have Jesus cloned and implanted into a surrogate virgin by April 2001 in order for Jesus to be reborn on December 25, 2001, it will be interesting to see if there are any updates within the next 30 days. My guess is that they will claim success and ask for more money to complete the process. Of course, they could also claim that it failed and they need emergency funds to get as close to Dec. 25, 2001 as possible. Either way, they will probably just ask for more money which is what I suspect this is all about anyway.


Ray Bohlin
Probe Ministries