"Since Angels Aren't Christian, Why Should They Follow Christ?"

Why would angels follow the teachings of Christ if they are the creations and servants of God, besides the angels are not Christian but Jewish in nature. The letters "-el" at the end of their names (such as Gabriel, Uriel) is actually the Hebrew name for God. In his orginal name Gabri-el is actually Hebrew for "messenger of God." Angels are not Christianity's creations nor their guardians, if anything they have more ties to Judaism.  

Jesus Christ IS God, the second Person of the three-Personed God. Who is one God, in three Persons. [It's beyond me to understand, but then, who wants a God we can fully understand?]

So, angels follow the teachings of Christ because He has always been God and He was the one who created them in the first place; He existed in heaven before He took on a human body and came to earth.

I don't make a distinction between Christianity's Jewish roots and its Christian fruit because it's all one story. There IS no Christianity without Judaism; it's the first part and the foundation of our history.

Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries

How can they follow the teachings of Christ if Judaism doesn't see Jesus as the son of God? They follow God, not Jesus, because the Jews don't believe in the 3-in-1 God.  

The fact that Judaism doesn't see Jesus as the son of God doesn't mean that He ISN'T the Son of God. The New Testament says over and over again, as Jesus did while on earth, that many of the Jews were looking for a Messiah but wouldn't accept that that's what He was. Unfortunately, it's the same today.

There are hundreds of prophecies in the Old Testament about the coming Messiah, and Jesus fulfills them. Judaism doesn't believe that He is Messiah, but it's in spite of the evidence, not because of it. Here's a good page that explains many of the prophecies:


Angels follow the teachings of Christ because they follow God, and Jesus IS God. You might not like that idea, but you owe it to yourself to find out if it's true or not. I didn't always believe it, but I investigated and found that the evidence for the divinity of Jesus Christ was too compelling not to accept it as true.


Right, I understand that but the fact that he isn't seen as the Son of God means that the angels wouldn't follow him according to Jewish tradition, and the angels are Jewish, not Christian, in origin.  

Angels aren't Jewish; they are spiritual beings who transcend our human lineages. The Jewish-Christian split is a human perspective, not a divine one.

What if the angels DO see Jesus as the Son of God? Look at it from the angels' point of view.

  1. Elohim (the plural-yet-one God) creates the angels.
  2. They watch as God unfolds history through the Old Testament.
  3. They watch as the 2nd person of Elohim (Jesus) leaves heaven and comes to earth as a human baby. They are involved in the whole process, from giving the news to the baby's mother Mary, to making a celestial appearance to shepherds at the baby's birth, to protecting the baby from King Herod's wrath and escorting him and his earthly parents to Egypt.
  4. They minister to Jesus as He grows up and dies on the cross and comes back to life as promised.
  5. They welcome Him back to heaven.
  6. They watch as God unfolds history through the New Testament. Same book, same [ultimate] Author.
Jewishness has nothing to do with the big picture--which is reality from a Judeo-Christian perspective, as revealed by God.

Judaism doesn't see him as the Son of God. If the whole Bible is right, then Judaism is wrong in this.