What About Dr. Laura's Views on Gays?

Are you wondering why I omitted any mention of Dr. Laura's position on homosexuality?

There's a reason. After listening carefully for many months, it seems to me that Dr. Laura's developing personal belief system is causing her to slowly change her perspective on that subject. It would appear that several years ago, she believed that people are born gay, which would remove any moral aspect to one's sexual behavior. But she has now said that she thinks something goes wrong somewhere along the way, whether it's environmental (in the case of emotional abuse or deficit) or physical (in the case of hormones, either in utero or after birth), causing people to experience homosexual desires.

Dr. Laura has been criticized by conservatives who are unhappy that she doesn't condemn homosexuals for their sexual preferences and behaviors, although does concede that for gays who call themselves religious, any homosexual activity is sin. She has also been criticized by the gay and lesbian community because she believes children need a mother and a father, and gay couples should not adopt babies or young children. (Although she supports gay couples adopting older children who wouldn't be in a family otherwise.) The fact that she receives criticism by people on both sides of the issue would indicate that her position is not as black-and-white as some would believe.

Frankly, I am reminded of the night that Ted Koppel interviewed Norma McCorvey (the "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade) shortly after she professed faith in Christ and was baptized. He asked Ms. McCorvey, who had gone from working at an abortion clinic to joining the pro-life side, where she stood on the abortion issue. She said that she thought it was wrong for a woman in the later stages of pregnancy but it was okay early in pregnancy. My husband and I remarked to each other, "She'll take shots from both sides for that position. . .but watch, she'll change her mind as she learns more about Scripture and grows in her relationship with Christ." Sure enough, that's exactly what happened.

Since Dr. Laura's views seem to be changing on the issue of homosexuality, I did not want to address it in a static document, either our printed transcript available from Probe Ministries or in this web article, because I think there is a good chance her views will become more and more biblical. . .since that's what seems to be happening already. And I didn't want to put in writing something I hope and pray will be different in the near future.

Sue Bohlin

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