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Don Closson is Director of Administration for Probe Ministries, as well as a vital part of Probe's research and speaking team. He received the B.S. in education from Southern Illinois University, the M.S. in educational administration from Illinois State University, and the MA (cum laude) in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He served as a public school teacher and administrator before joining Probe in 1986 as a research associate in the field of education. Since then, he has spoken on college campuses and in churches around the country on education topics, current cultural issues, and the Christian world view, Don also speaks for Probe's Mind Games conferences, and writes and records for the national Probe Radio broadcast. Don and his wife, Deanne, have been married since 1975 and have two teenage sons.


Editor and contributing author, Kids, Classrooms and Contemporary Education, Kregel, 2000.

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