World Criminal Court

July 27, 1998
For years the United Nations has been moving ahead with its globalist agenda. Each year another piece falls into place to establish a true world government. Already national troops are used in UN peace-keeping operations, and UN leaders have even suggested a global tax system that would ultimately provide the United Nations with a funding source which is not tied to sovereign nations.

The latest piece in the puzzle is a establishment of a world criminal court. For the last few weeks, government leaders and ambassadors have been meeting in Rome to provide the United Nations with it's very own criminal court. One reporter has said that the document creating this court "is written so broadly that a Mack truck could be driven between the words, ideas, definitions, and the usage of words."

A 1994 UN report quoted Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen as saying that "Mankind's problems can no longer be solved by national governments. What is needed is a World Government. This can best be achieved by strengthening the United Nations system . . . . completely new institutions would be needed. These could include, for example, a permanent World Police which would have the power to subpoena nations to appear before the International Court of Justice or before other specially created courts."

This recent action in Rome moves us closer to that reality. Does the United States want to give up its judicial sovereignty to an international criminal court? How will this affect our judicial system? These are questions Congress and the President should answer before it's too late. The United Nations is marching towards a world government, and I'm not sure we should follow.

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