Waco Siege

September 6, 1999

Although it happened six years ago, the flames of Waco never seem to go away. Igniting the latest controversy have been revelations made public by the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Morning News that the FBI did fire pyrotechnical tear-gas grenades at the Branch Dividian bunker.

Add to this the additional revelation that the U.S. Army's secret, anti-terrorist Delta Force commandos were also present at the scene in Waco. Although that had been denied before, many people knew this was a lie and only now is the government releasing the facts. By the way, the presence of Delta Force at Waco is a clear violation of a 1878 law called Posse Comitatus which forbids the military from enforcing civilian laws.

No wonder more and more commentators and government officials are calling this what it is: a coverup. Articles in the Dallas Morning News document that some of this information was known and yet not brought forward. And I predict there is more to come.

Frankly, I think the only reason this information has come out is because of the Texas Rangers. And I believe there will probably be more. Expect another shoe to drop before this is all over.

The latest revelations merely fuel distrust of the government. Not only are average citizens distrustful, but so are radical fringe groups that have made the Waco siege a virtual shrine. Who knows what will be the fallout from these new revelations. In the meantime, the government must quickly and completely answer questions about pyrotechnic canisters and the Delta Force. And the government better come clean with any other information. Were bullets fired into the compound? Who really started the fires? Hopefully, the Attorney General isn't out trying to buy paint for another whitewash. The government must answer these questions quickly and completely or cynicism will rise and even more anti-government hysteria will surface.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.