UN Army

July 19, 2000

One of the greatest fears of those who oppose the globalist perspective in the world is the possible formation of a standing army for the United Nations. Although such a force could be quickly deployed to the world's hot spots, it could also easily represent a threat to member nations and change the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

This threat of a U.N. army just became more likely with a bill making its way through Congress. Representative James McGovern has introduced a bill that would create a United Nations Rapid Reaction Force. He is calling for the United States to help create a 6000-man force capable of deploying to any location on the globe at a moment's notice.

The United Nations Rapid Deployment Police and Security Force would be under the authority of the Security Council and trained to its objectives. The bill would also call for the U.N. to recruit force personnel and provide funding.

According to lawmakers, the bill is in response to Presidential Decision Directive 71 which "calls for a stronger United States response to maintaining order in societies recovering from conflict." Many are concerned that such a move will give the U.N. even more power to involve itself in the affairs of sovereign nations and move us closer to the reality of global government.

The bill will likely face stiff opposition in the Senate since it will no doubt be submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chaired by none other than Senator Jesse Helms. But if the leadership of the Senate changes, such a bill might have a chance of passage in the future.

A standing U.N. army isn't going to happen tomorrow, but it's possible it might happen in the future, and that's what has many people concerned.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.