Tufts Christian Fellowship

May 25, 2000

A battle of political correctness is taking place at Tufts University. Julie Catalano is an openly bisexual member of Tufts Christian Fellowship. Recently she tried to assume a leadership position in that organization. The fellowship leaders turned her down because she believes that homosexual acts are not contrary to biblical morality. That's when trouble broke out.

The Tufts student government panel ruled that the fellowship's policy violated the school's anti-discrimination policy. Therefore, the Christian group was stripped of its annual funding (of about $6000) from student fees. They are also forbidden from meeting in campus classrooms. Since the April decision, the Tufts Christian Fellowship with about 65 members has not met and their future is in limbo.

Thor Halvorseen of the Philadelphia-based Freedom for Individuals Rights says, "This is political correctness gone awry." He adds, "They're asking a fundamentalist Christian group to stop being fundamentalist Christians." Essentially a Bible-based organization cannot govern its actions based upon the Bible.

Let me say that I think this kind of conflict will continue to surface for two reasons. First, universities are enforcing all sorts of political correctness through speech codes and anti-discrimination policies. Second, lesbians and bisexuals are not uncommon in Christian groups.

A few months ago I spoke to a group of campus ministers (some at churches with campus ministries, others with parachurch organizations). They told me of stories where Christian women get very close with each other spiritually and then begin to get sexually involved with one another. It is not uncommon for them to have women like Julie in their fellowship. And all it takes is for one of those young women to seek a position of leadership, and you would have the same circumstances as Tufts University. So what happened in Massachusetts could easily happen on other campuses in the future.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.