Teen Sex Films

March 17, 1999

Every generation has had its fill of teen sex exploitation films, but the latest bunch has caused even jaded movie producers in Hollywood to wonder what is going on. Leading the pack (or should I say scraping the bottom of the barrel) is "Cruel Intentions." Kathryn (who also plays the lead in the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") challenges her stepbrother Sebastian to deflower a newly arrived virgin. If he loses, she gets his prized Jaguar. If he wins, he gets her.

The film attempts to be a teen update of "Dangerous Liaisons" but includes more sex, drugs, and profanity than you could possibly find in the original. Add to this such raunchy films as "Go" and "American Pie" and you can see that many are becoming shocked and disturbed.

The real life parents of Tori Spelling are some of them. Aaron Spelling could hardly be called a prude. He has produced everything from "The Mod Squad" to "Beverly Hills 90210." Nevertheless, he says, "I abhor some of these teenage movies." He also added, "I think they're going too far."

Part of the problem may be the fact that today's stars are being lifted from television which is already pretty raunchy. In the past, teen films created stars like James Dean and Molly Ringwald. Today they come from "Dawson's Creek" or "Party of Five." Most of these TV series should be rated PG or PG-13. When the stars jump to film, the only way for them to go is down. These films hit an all-time low in terms of sex, drugs, nudity, and profanity. One movie had to lose several scenes just to even qualify for an R rating. These teen movies aren't what they used to be, so tell your teen to stay home.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.