Sudan Christians

April 6, 2000

Most Christians have probably not heard about the worst mass murders and slavery in modern times. Franklin Graham says the carnage in the Sudan is worse then anything he has seen in Kosovo, Iraq, or China. The Muslim government of Sudan is waging a brutal war against Christians.

Franklin Graham's organization, Samaritan's Purse, has worked for the last three years to relieve some of the suffering of the people of Southern Sudan. He points out in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that the Sudanese government showed its gratitude for all of their work by dropping two dozen bombs on their civilian hospital.

Christians are calling on the governments of the world to focus attention and economic pressure on Sudan. They are calling for international trade sanctions, military action, and public condemnation. So far, there have been a few half-hearted rebukes by the international community. Much more needs to be done.

Isn't it interesting that when thousands of Europeans are killed and tens of thousands are displaced, the world community calls it genocide and the U.S. steps in with bombing missions? But during this same period of time, nearly two million black Africans have been killed and millions more have been tortured or sold into slavery. Where is the world outcry concerning Sudan?

Franklin Graham points out that the most recent bombing of their hospital was not a new or isolated occurrence. Many times in the last three years, their staff and volunteers had to run for cover as the government deliberately targeted hospitals for attack.

I believe it is time (even past time) for Christians to speak out against the evil actions in the Sudan. If nothing else, it is time to call on the United States and our western allies to apply the same standard of justice to Africa that we apply to Europe.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.