Slave Trade

February 25, 2000

A recent column by Chuck Baldwin reminds us that slavery is alive and well in other parts of the world. And perhaps it is flourishing because few are speaking out against it.

He points out that "Blacks are being sold into slavery in record numbers and no one seems to even notice. Jesse Jackson doesn't notice. The NAACP doesn't notice. The Clinton administration doesn't notice. The American media don't notice either."

Just think of the number of times black leaders in this country have spoken out against racism or the flying of a Confederate flag. Now think of the number of times any of those leaders have spoken out against hundreds of thousands of black people being slaughtered or sold into slavery. We do seem pretty selective in our outrage these days.

Here is an article that appeared in the Daily Mail & Guardian from Johannesburg, South Africa: "The slave raiders prefer women and boys. In order to catch them, they kill the men and burn down their villages. When the women and children run into the bush, they are chased and captured. They are made to carry the ‘spoils' of the raid, usually sacks of grain to the north. They are then sold to wealthy Arab families." These families use them for slave labor on the large farms and plantations. These families also buy the women to be their concubines in order to perform sexual favors. Young girls are genitally mutilated to make them acceptable to their Arab masters.

You have to ask, where is the outrage from the American press and the American people? Frankly, we need to speak out and we need to pray for these suffering souls in the Sudan.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.