Shooting Christians

October 5, 1999

A lot has been said about the shooting at Wedgewood Baptist Church, and I can't begin to add any comments other than my shock and sympathy. But before this tragic incident fades from our memory, I would like to talk about the media coverage of this event and other tragic events that preceded it.

With the exception of, say Peggy Wehmeyer and a few others, most of the secular media don't get it. Here is a man who walked into a church, shouted angry words about Christian faith, and opened fire. Nevertheless, the media seems mystified by his actions. They talk about his mental instability. They call for gun control. But none of them calls his actions what they are: anti-Christian bigotry.

Consider what the media would have said if he walked into an abortion clinic and opened fire. Image what the media would have said if he walked into a Jewish center and opened fire. Or what would have been the action if he did this at a gay bar? Any of these actions would have been called a hate crime.

Larry Ashbrook targeted a church, shouted anti-Christian epithets, and shot Christians. Yet the media is trying to understand why he did it.

And this is not the first time. For days after the shooting in Littleton, Colorado, the media kept playing the theme that teenagers' actions were racially motivated or that they had a vendetta against the jocks. Some of that may have been true to a small extent, but the kids they seemed to target were Christians. The same was true for the shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky, but you didn't hear much about that by the media.

I think the media has continually missed the message of these shootings for one simple reason: many of the reporters have an anti-Christian bias.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.