China's Secret Weapons Transfers

May 26, 1999

Once again stories are in the news about transfers of secret weapons to and from the Chinese. In previous commentaries I've talked about the scandals involving weapons and weapons secrets that have been transferred from the U.S. to China. Today I would like to detail all the weapons and equipment China has sent to other countries.

According to intelligence reports cited in The Washington Times, China has provided North Korea with special steel used to build missile frames. China has also cooperated with North Korea on space launch activities which the U.S. believes is a cover to assist with missile development.

China has "revived" negotiations with Iran on the construction of a graphite production facility which could be used to develop nuclear weapons materials. China has also reached an agreement to supply Iran with specialty steel, components, and materials for weapons of mass destruction. China has also trained 10 Iranian engineers on inertial guidance techniques and supplied the country with telemetry equipment used in missile flight tests.

China has supplied Iraq with information on protective chemical suits that could be used to assist Iraq's secret chemical weapons program. China has also transferred U.S.-manufactured equipment to a missile production facility in Pakistan.

How dangerous is the proliferation of weapons and materials? Well, a classified Pentagon report concludes that "the Chinese are proliferating on a consistent basis without technically breaking agreements with the United States." China has been one of the leading countries to provide arms and technology to developing countries even though Clinton administration officials contend that China is reforming its ways. This latest report says otherwise. In essence, the world has become a more dangerous place because of the actions of the Chinese.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.