Saddam Hussein

August 19, 1998
Saddam Hussein is in the news again. Are you really surprised? This unbalanced, malevolent dictator will be the bane of American foreign policy until he dies or loses power. Desert Storm didn't dispose of him. The last military conflict didn't. This latest issue won't go away easily either.

After months of laying low, he has reared his head again by denying United Nations inspectors access to key locations. Once again Saddam Hussein may be building nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. If he gains access to more advanced missiles he could threaten not only the Middle East, but the entire world.

You might wonder why is he doing this now? My answer: look at what is currently happening in the United States. The President is bogged down in the scandal that appears to be affecting the White House's ability to make clear decisions. And you thought character didn't matter.

What we need is clear and decisive action against Saddam Hussein. I doubt we will get it. We haven't seen such action in the Clinton White House in the past. It is less likely to surface now that the President is bogged down in a major scandal.

The President should be meeting with world leaders and allies to plan out detailed actions against Saddam Hussein. That is what George Bush did. That is what his foreign policy advisors and cabinet members did. That is not what I expect President Clinton to do.

Saddam Hussein is running free in Iraq, but soon he will be a threat to more than just Israel and the Middle East. He may soon be a true threat to the whole world. Decisive action is needed now. Will we get it from the President? Not unless he can put this scandal behind him by telling the truth or stepping aside.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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