Red Dragon Rising: Part Two

January 7, 2000

As I mentioned yesterday, I believe that one of the most important issues in this new decade will be the growing military threat from China. Perhaps the best book to document this threat is Red Dragon Rising written by Edward Timperlake and William Triplett. Their earlier book, Year of the Rat, documented the influence of Chinese money on the last presidential campaign. This new book documents the Chinese military threat.

Yesterday I began to list some of the threats posed by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in China. Consider some more.

They have an unparalleled history of aggression, including unprovoked attacks on South Korea, India, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union. They have also been involved in subversive activities against Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other Asian and African countries. China has also invaded and seized control of one of its neighbors, Tibet, and is slowing taking control of another, Burma.

The PLA is building a vast war machine based on the most modern weapons and tactics to support their plans for regional domination. And they are financing its military modernization by arms sales to terrorist nations. Timperlake and Triplett document that they are willing to sell any weapon to any person, group, or country no matter what the consequences.

Finally, the PLA is gathering military technology by spying, colluding with Western high-tech firms, and perhaps gaining influence within some Western governments.

China in general, and the PLA in particular, poses a threat not only to the region but the world. The sooner policy-makers in Washington understand this threat, the better our foreign policy toward China will be. China will be a threat in the 21st century, and the United States must take appropriate actions now.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.