A Private Matter?

September 28, 1998
Over the last week, various people on the Internet have been sending a newspaper column back and forth by e-mail. It has created quite a stir. The column was written by John Kass in the September 15 edition of The Chicago Tribune. It's entitled, "Sure Clinton's Tryst is a Private Matter Just Like War Is."

The reason it's gotten so much attention is due to the fact that John Kass put two and two together and figured out what President Clinton was doing the night of one of his sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky. The Kenneth Starr Report says that Monica Lewinsky was involved with the president while he was on the phone to Congressman Sonny Callahan. Columnist John Kass was able to figure out what the president and congressman were talking about when he was simultaneously occupied.

What they were discussing was whether to send American troops into harm's way in Bosnia. The president needed a vote from Callahan (chairman of an appropriations subcommittee that controls billions of dollars in foreign aid). The funding for the peacekeeping mission would augment the international accord being developed in Dayton, Ohio.

We now know the rest of the story. The Dayton Peace Accords were eventually signed and the president send thousands of soldiers to Bosnia with the promise that they would return by the end of 1996. By the way, they are still there.

John Kass points out that the congressional vote on Bosnia that night was vigorously debated while "mothers and fathers of soldiers worried and prayed." Meanwhile, he says "the commander in chief, the president of the United States, his mouth full of pizza, entertained himself with a groupie in the Oval Office." Perhaps this is the saddest revelation in the Kenneth Starr report.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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