Omni Hotels

November 15, 1999

I want to commend Omni Hotels. About two weeks ago I heard about their decision and was impressed. Now thanks to the Dallas Association for Decency, more people are hearing about the courageous decision by the management of Omni Hotels.

What did they do? They decided to remove adult pay-per-view movies from their guest room televisions. Why did they do it? According to their press release, the decision was "morally and conscionably driven by the company's ownership in response to what it perceives as a growing need for corporate America to support pro-family issues."

Since the initial announcement, I've found out a few others things. First, the decision was very expensive. Apparently the adult movie providers furnish the television sets along with the pay-per-view movies. So Omni was out millions in order to purchase television sets. Second, Omni decided not only to pull the pay-per-view movies but they will also pull pornographic magazines from their gift shops. To put it simply, Omni Hotels took a strong stand and paid a price for it.

That's why I would encourage you to do something. The next time you stay at a hotel, why not consider the Omni? As I understand, there are three hotels right here in Dallas, and many more nationwide.

I would also encourage you to write with your support. Let me give you their address, and if you didn't have time to write it down, please feel free to call KCBI or Probe Ministries so we can give it to you.

Write to Jim Caldwell, President, Omni Hotels, 420 Decker Drive, Irving, TX 75062. I know they would appreciate a letter of thanks. They've done their part. Now it's time for you to do your part and say thank you.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.