More to Come?

October 19, 1998
Now that Kenneth Starr has filed his massive report with the House of Representatives, you would think the attacks on him and his staff would end. After all, the report is now in the hands of Congress. So what could be gained by attacking him?

Well, the attacks continue, and I think that may give those of us out of the Washington, D.C. loop a behind-the-scenes look at what may be happening. The White House criticism of the Starr Report may be just an attempt to discredit the entire process. In other words, discredit the report and you thereby discredit the congressional proceedings against the president.

But I think something else is going on here. Kenneth Starr's investigation is far from over. He and his staff are not history. He is still a prosecutor investigating a case, actually a number of cases. These include such topics as Whitewater, Castle Grande, the White House travel office, the FBI files, and perhaps even delve into the allegations of campaign finance abuses.

Remember that the only other report that Kenneth Starr has released was on the suicide of White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster. He concluded that there was nothing criminal surrounding his death. Evidently he hasn't reached the same conclusion on many of these other cases still under investigation. And the fact that he doesn't mention them in his report to Congress indicates to me that there will be at least one more shoe to drop, perhaps even a closet full of shoes to drop.

The best explanation for why Kenneth Starr is still being attacked by the White House is that he still represents a serious threat to the White House. I expect that more devastating information is about to be released. Stay tuned, these impeachment hearings could become very interesting.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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