Chinese Missiles

June 16, 1998
Are Chinese missiles aimed at the United States? Last October President Clinton said in a speech that "There is not a single solitary nuclear missile pointed at an American child tonight." But a new CIA report says that 13 of China's 18 long-range strategic missiles are aimed at U.S. cities.

According to the intelligence report, these 13 CSS-4 missiles with a range of more than 8000 miles are aimed at the United States. Though these intercontinental missiles are liquid fuel relics from the 1980s, many defense analysts are worried that their efficiency and accuracy has been enhanced by technology transferred from the United States to China.

Currently there is a criminal investigation of two U.S. aerospace firms for illegal technology transfers after a Chinese rocket launching a U.S.-made satellite failed. The Pentagon concluded that the transfer harmed national security. Also defense experts are upset that President Clinton overrode objections from the Justice Department and Pentagon to approve an additional satellite launch by Loral Space and Communications. By the way the chairman of Loral is the largest personal contributor to the Democratic Party.

In their book The Coming Conflict with China, Richard Bernstein and Ross Munro warn that China will soon be the world's second most powerful military force. They are fearful that if the Chinese remain aggressive and the U.S. continues to be naive, war will be inevitable and the outcome uncertain.

Are missiles aimed at the U.S.? It appears they are, and it also appears that American technology has made them more accurate and efficient. If we don't wake up to the danger, one day we could wake up to a nuclear confrontation.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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