Troops in Kosovo

February 23, 1999

Over the last few weeks there has been increased talk of putting American troops in Kosovo. And I think it is about time to get some clear answers to a number of questions that surround this military engagement.

First, will these troops be under American command, foreign command, or UN command? After all, many of the troops sent by President Clinton have not been under American command. It appears this will be a case in Kosovo. A Washington Post article states that "senior Pentagon officials for the first time said they would be willing to place U.S. troops under foreign command." Sounds like the Pentagon is preparing the American people for that possibility.

A second question is, when will the troops return? Remember that when troops were deployed to Bosnia in 1995, the president assured the American people that the troops would return within a year. If you haven't noticed, 6900 U.S. troops are still in Bosnia and there is no exit strategy on the horizon.

A third question is: Why don't European troops deal with Kosovo? After all, they are closer, on the same continent, and have more to gain from providing peacekeeping forces. But it appears that most European nations are working harder at making the euro the world's premier currency. Many don't seem very interested in spending time and money on Kosovo. They would rather we become Europe's peacekeeping force.

A final question is: Why should the U.S. even send forces to Kosovo? There is nothing in the Constitution that would justify U.S. intervention in Kosovo. There is nothing in the NATO charter to justify it. It isn't really in America's self-interest. So why should we send troops?

Here are four important questions. It would nice if the president would answer these questions, but don't hold your breath.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.