Hollywood's View of the World

April 5, 2000

Anyone who doubts that Hollywood leans to the left and views the world through a secular lens, need only look at the recent Academy Award nominees. Nearly every picture presented a liberal, secular, humanistic view of the world that challenged traditional morality and biblical Christianity.

American Beauty presented a dysfunctional suburban family and in the process challenged traditional notions about family and sexuality. The Cider House Rules told an engaging story of an orphanage in Maine in the 1940s. But the story was really about abortion and the philosophical pilgrimage of a young protégé who eventually embraced his mentor's view about abortion and choice.

The Green Mile challenged the biblical perspective on capital punishment and questioned the wisdom and justice of the death penalty. The Sixth Sense questioned conventional biblical concepts about death and the afterlife. And The Insider accused U.S. corporations of crimes against humanity.

These and other films provide a glimpse into the world view of Hollywood film makers. A more powerful portrait came from research done by Robert Lichter. He surveyed the attitudes of people in the news media, in television, and in film. In each case, he found that the media elite were overwhelmingly liberal, secular, and humanistic. Nearly all of these people did not go to church or synagogue and did not know people who did so.

The Academy Awards demonstrate the world view mostly like to show up on the screen. The films that were nominated and eventually won were those that challenged the traditional family, promoted abortion, questioned the death penalty, and presented a contrary view of death and beyond. While there is another view of the world, you probably won't see it in the movie theaters of America.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.