The Four I's of Foreign Policy

June 4, 1998

Now let's see if I've got this straight. The Clinton administration has been trying to force Israel to give up land that might threaten its security, but also seems willing to drop sanctions on Iraq. Meanwhile the U.S. has been harshly critical of India for its tests of nuclear weapons. And when riots broke out in Indonesia, this administration was relatively silent.

Call this the four I's of the Clinton foreign policy: Israel, Iraq, India, and Indonesia. These four countries illustrate the bizarre and inconsistent policy of this administration.

An editorial in the New York Post remarked that "it is getting harder to figure out whether the administration's compulson to bash friendly countries while making nice with unsavory ones is a matter of incompetence or corruption, or some squalid combination of both. . . . Both Israel and India are in the doghouse because they are faced by genuine security threats the Clinton administration would prefer to ignore. The Indians are uncomfortably aware that the U.S. has turned one blind eye to the arming of hostile Pakistan by North Korea and China."

The editorial asks: "What do Indonesia and China have in common? Think of folks involved in the 1996 campaign-finance scandal John Huang, James Riady, Charlie Trie and the mysterious Mr. Wu. They sought the cooperation of, or represented powerful interests in both countries that contributed money illegally to the Clinton re-election fund drive."

Frankly I hope that our current foreign policy is due to corruption. It would be a lot easier to fix corruption than incompetence. Scandals last for months, stupid is forever.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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