Steve Forbes

November 18, 1998

In the aftermath of a poor showing in the elections and the resignation of Newt Gingrich, Republicans are trying to find their way. In the midst of some of this confusion has come a bold proposal from Steve Forbes. He argues that "no message is no way to win elections." It's also no way to make any progress in Congress. He therefore proposes a number of initiatives.

First, he proposes that Congress pass a massive tax cut of $2000 per family as a down payment towards the flat tax. He proposes that Congress effectively repeal the George Bush tax increase of 1990 and the Clinton-Gore tax increase of 1993. He would also abolish the marriage penalty and the death tax.

Second, he proposes that Congress expand parental control of education. Forbes calls on Congress to override the President's veto of educational savings accounts and urban school choice projects.

Third, he proposes Congress expand patient control of health care. This would make genuine, affordable medical savings accounts available to all Americans, particularly working families, single moms, and the uninsured. This should be accomplished by removing the suffocating restrictions imposed in 1996 and 1997.

Fourth, he proposes that Congress ban partial birth abortions and require parental notification and consent in the case of minors.

Finally, he calls on Congress to deal with national security by rebuilding the hollowed out American military and properly compensating those serving in our armed forces. He also proposes that Congress rapidly deploy a missile defense system. Why wait, he says, until North Korea develops missiles that can reach Hawaii and Alaska?

This looks like a good agenda for Congress. If the congressional leadership has a better agenda, let's see it. If not, let's get started on the agenda set forth by Steve Forbes.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.

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