Jerry Falwell Goes to Court

February 1, 2000

Jerry Falwell has filed a lawsuit against the White House and the Department of Justice. But before you write this off as a publicity stunt or something that only affects Jerry Falwell, consider the reason for the lawsuit.

Apparently the Justice Department has been keeping a secret database against religious and pro-life leaders. The secret database is called VAAPCON. Apparently the database contains personal private information on a number of figures perceived as hostile to the Clinton administration policies dealing with abortion.

Because he believed that he was a likely target of the Clinton Administration, Jerry Falwell filed a Privacy Act request to determine whether or not the White House and the Justice Department had files on him and his ministries. Both entities stonewalled, and so Falwell filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. Jerry Falwell and his son (a lawyer in charge of the case) believe that there are illegal files being kept on them and other pro-life leaders.

Falwell says, "Over the years, my ministries and I have been subjected to a number of attempts to not only inhibit our free speech, but to subvert our pro-life advocacy." He continues, "When I learned of this illegal VAAPCON database, I felt obliged to take action to stand up for the rights of all Americans to be free to express their religious beliefs, as people of faith should not be intimidated by a corrupt and immoral Clinton administration."

This is not the first time that critics of the Clinton administration have alleged that there are secret databases being kept by the White House or other branches of government. But this lawsuit might provide concrete evidence of such a database. We will have to see what the lawsuit brings out.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.