ENDA Again

April 21, 1999

A dangerous piece of legislation known as ENDA was nearly passed by Congress a few years ago and could be passed sometime in the future. What is ENDA, you might ask? It stands for Employment Non-Discrimination Act. The benign-sounding bill could have significant consequences if passed.

Moreover it isn't just ENDA that is being pushed through the Congress. Gay rights activists estimate that 80 pieces of so-called "pro-gay" legislation have been promoted in various state legislatures and city councils. ENDA and its clones can be found everywhere, and have a good chance of being passed simply because most citizens are ignorant of their possible impact.

ENDA would add "sexual orientation" to existing nondiscrimination laws that protect women and racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. The net effect would be to place even moral and religious objections to homosexuality in the same category as racism and ethnic bigotry.

Now you may say that you have certain first amendment rights to express your opinion, especially since it is biblically based. But the Supreme Court has ruled that government can limit your fundamental liberties when applying civil rights laws. Of course, there is the rub. Is sexual orientation the same as race? And are homosexuals being discriminated against the way that blacks have been by Jim Crow laws and racist attitudes? The economic and demographic profiles of homosexuals don't show discrimination.

And don't think that religious organizations would be exempt. A church day care, for example, is covered by traditional employment laws because it is a social service being offered by a church. It could be forced to hire a homosexual.

ENDA and its clones have the potential to dramatically change the workplace and establish quotas and timetables for gay hiring and promotion. Be forewarned.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.