Elko County, Nevada

June 9, 2000

The citizens of Elko County, Nevada have had it with environmental regulations so they decided to make their point in a humorous way. They drafted "An Elko Proclamation" that declares the District of Columbia a National Monument. After all, why not let Washington, D.C. get a taste of its own medicine. Here are just a few excerpts of what would be required in this new national monument:

The citizens consulted maps and old books and "thereby declare the District of Columbia to be a roadless area. Henceforth all roads in this roadless area will be barricaded and only foot traffic will be permitted."

They go on to say that "All living creatures in the river flowing through the Monument area are declared endangered and must not be disturbed. These include all fish, snails, clams, crabs, worms, etc."

"All finished products which have raw materials obtained from the ground by mining or drilling is prohibited. Therefore, no building materials or heating materials are permitted. Likewise, any articles of clothing, or any food which is prepared by a genetic or chemically engineered technique is also prohibited. The piles of granite and marble which have been quarried from open pit mines to build monuments and buildings since the city was founded and which have degraded the once beautiful hills of the District must be removed and replaced in the pits from which they were quarried."

The proclamation goes on with many other regulations and requirements, but I think you get the idea. If the rules and regulations that Washington put on Elko County, Nevada were placed on the District of Columbia, all commerce and government activity would cease. And really that's the point. Before bureaucrats in Washington write any more environmental regulations, maybe they should consider their impact.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.