It's Elementary

May 18, 1999

If you doubt that the classroom has become a battleground for the homosexual message, then I suggest you tune into the PBS special entitled "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in the School." The award-winning documentary will be airing on PBS stations next month and brings a pro-homosexual message to the schools.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to see segments of this documentary and found it disturbing. Pro-gay messages were being presented in the school to young children and videotaped. I guess I never expected that this obviously biased message would be broadcast to homes throughout the nation. I guess I should have know better.

The producers reached an agreement with KQED in San Francisco to offer "It's Elementary" to all other PBS stations for broadcast in June. The goal is to have the documentary aired in at least 100 major cities along with smaller ones.

The video was filmed on location at six elementary and middle schools where teachers were already giving the students a pro-homosexual message. The goal was to promote tolerance, diversity, and respect. Often the teachers portray adults (including parents) as the source of ignorance, bigotry, and homophobia. The implication is that sexual values cannot merely be taught at home. The schools and educators must address these issues as well.

Never mind that most of these kids don't even know how to respond to some of the questions. Forget about the fact that most of them only have a cursory understanding of sexual issues. This documentary shows teachers addressing issues that we can't even talk about on Christian radio.

The bottom line is this: gay issues are being taught in the school to kids who don't even have a framework to understand them. And all of this is under the guise of tolerance.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.