Driver's Education

June 3, 1999

What if we taught driver's education the way we taught sex education? That is a question Tony Ducklow asks in a brief commentary that is making the rounds on the Internet. I thought I might quote from it.

He says, "Not long ago, I heard a proponent of sex education in schools confidently ask, ‘Does the teaching of driver's education increase the chances of accidents among young drivers?' This analogy caused me to wonder. What would happen if we taught driver's education like we teach sex education?"

"Welcome to Driver's Ed. 101! I would like to go over some ways for safe driving. While a majority of drivers prefer driving on the right side of the road, some of you may choose to drive on the left side. It is a moral choice, and only you can decide what is right--not your parents or your friends. If you do decide to drive on the left side, use protection. Drive only automobiles that contain airbags. Airbags save lives!

"The same goes for red lights and stop signs. Some will tell you that you should terminate your acceleration at these designated areas. This is another moral choice. I can't tell you what is right or wrong. You will have to decide whether this particular life choice is for you. But remember, education is key when it comes to safe driving."

Tony Ducklow concludes, "Now ask yourself, what would our roads be like if we taught driver's education this way?" Well, I think we know the answer.

And isn't that the flaw with the way we teach sex education? In trying to be amoral we end up being immoral and endangering the lives of young people.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.