Cox Report

April 28, 1999

A few weeks ago I talked about attempts to "Free the Cox Report." Well, the problem remains and is becoming a scandal in itself.

You may remember from previous commentaries that I have done on Chinese espionage that the Cox Report is an investigation into the issues that are now on the front pages of many newspapers. Unfortunately the Cox Report has been classified, and Representative Christopher Cox alleges that the Clinton administration is dragging its feet because it doesn't want the report to see the light of day.

Last month, the New York Times published an investigative report seriously questioning the White House's version of events relating to its reaction to the initial briefings about Chinese espionage. And the article also reported that the still-classified report issued by the select committee chaired by Representative Christopher Cox contains an account of China's efforts to obtain these neutron-bomb secrets during the Clinton administration.

Lawmakers have been struggling to declassify the report. The original deadline was March 31. Now the deadline is the end of this month. Representative Cox didn't believe the government would use up the original time to the deadline. It now appears it will miss this new deadline even though the CIA and the FBI have already determined that the release of the report "would not harm intelligence-gathering sources or methods."

On the other hand, Representative Norm Dicks, the ranking Democrat on the committee, calls spying by the Chinese the "most serious [intelligence] failures that I can recall except for the [Aldrich] Ames case." Clearly the report must be released and an investigation must be done. But as in other cases, the Clinton administration is controlling the flow of information that could be damaging to them.

I'm Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and that's my opinion.