Bill in a China Shop

July 13, 1998
When Air Force One touched down in China, it was the first state visit by an American President in nine yearsóthe date of the massacre in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. The symbolic nature of the visit to Tiananmen Square was not lost on the news media even though the Chinese tried to cover it up.

Apparently the Clinton administration did try to avoid the infamous square. But the Chinese would have no part of it. Either he went to Tiananmen Square, or he didnít go at all. President Clinton agreed in a pattern thatís become all too familiar.

Now that the China trip is over we will have to see if this administration is willing to challenge the Chinese on issues like human rights, technology transfers, and military buildup. If we continue our past history, then I suspect nothing else will be said.

Iím Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries, and thatís my opinion.

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